Google has apps in the Microsoft Store?

I was surprised to find out that Google actually published apps in the Microsoft Store.

Judging by the app icon, this Google app appears to outdated, not to mention that it only runs on Windows Phone.

This Google app is available for the desktop version of Windows, and it appears to be less outdated. The app is currently not available though. Is there an alternative way to download it?
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With the resources Google has it makes sense they would do apps for Windows Mobile. The large games studio I used to work at put out a few Windows Mobile games.

Except they didn’t, unfortunately. A few measly web wrappers was the best we got.

Oh is it the PC store? That makes even more sense. That platform has way more users.

It is no longer available.

The app itself is lackluster though, especially compared to Google Chrome, which isn’t in the Microsoft Store. Google wants the advantages all to themselves.