Got an error uploading a new profile pic


I got this error when trying to upload a new profile pic, and then again when trying to paste a screenshot of THAT error into this post.

undefined method `thumbnail_width=’ for #

I selected a 274x300 jpg file that’s only 10KB.

Is anyone else seeing errors when uploading photos?

Neat Houses

I have encountered this error intermittently with both uploading a photo and pasting a screenshot. Sometimes it would work the second time I tried to upload or paste.


It’s a bug when trying to upload images in posts. It sometimes fixes itself though.


Yep, it’s happening over here too. I tried to post an image in LPW and then the error popped up. Like you, I tried to post a picture of the error itself but that didn’t work too.

I haven’t tried actually uploading the images though, I just copy pasted a screenshot because I’m too lazy to upload a photo.

I just tried uploading a photo now and it didn’t work. I tried pasting and uploading my images multiple times but it doesn’t seem to be working. Send help.


oK, we might need @Milla to check it out.


I was able to update mine. I assume this is an image size or format thing. I don’t seem to be able to upload pictures to posts myself. I need to work out why. I’ll see if there are settings for image size.


Like I said, I was using a pretty small image. I’ve uploaded much bigger images to posts pre-update.


I can’t update either, it’s the same message.


Just got mine to work!


The forums software doesn’t have specifications for images in the interface, but if it doesn’t work try making your image smaller, and squarer.


I have slightly increased the permitted image size for in-post uploads. I haven’t looked for specifications for profile picture images yet. I don’t think it’s urgent, given the use, so just reduce dimensions and try again if you hit trouble.


I don’t know how to do that, mine doesn’t pull up the part where you can choose the size and stuff


You could edit your photo before trying to post it. Crop it down a bit.


It’s already cropped down


There are resizer apps. Here’s one I use.


Are you wishing to change your avatar?


Yeah I was trying to change my pfp


Can you please email the image to milla at and I will sort it out for you :slight_smile:


It seems that avatars need to be 100 x 100 or smaller. I don’t have anything solid on file size, as I haven’t had time to experiment, but I’ll post if I work it out.


Wait…so you’re not milla? Jk’s…it’s probably milla, right? :grimacing: