Great servers?

You can’t search t up on the server lists because it’s too long… PM Porkey.

If you are looking for a challenge I recommend Skeeve’s exile and The Maze Runner (though MR won’t be open until June)
I have a server that will open soon called Sunset Moon, the idea is to escape from the city:
If you like handcars try Skylands Arena and Giants.
And if you want to see a little piece of Blockhead history, go to Rabbithole.

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Before I suggest a bunch of servers that wouldn’t interest you, what type of server would you like to play on? Survival? Expert? Minigames? Challenges? Freebuild?

@INeedPie I think you mean Skylands Arena. Skylands Adventure is a whole other ball of wax and doesn’t have as much about handcars.

:stuck_out_tongue: yes. Fixed.

Oh whoa the forums has them all!
Here is the funny part, all of those are my style; it’s just super hard to find one, unless shown.
To get a more specific response to you, let’s start with challenge!

Thanks for responding!

Quoted relevant part of post

Noted and will look into those! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to SM (as I call it for short)

Yeah, I’m biased. Sorry.

You should try out Eternal Memories (I forgot if the server is open though).

Check out the links on my profile. :slight_smile:

Ok, here goes:
Rabbithole by Mad Hatter - oldest running server, unique amusement park style dark ride, huge collection of pixel art, survival/vanilla, plenty of abandoned bases to claim

Skylands Arena by Jemni - custom minigame server focusing on handcars but we have other sports too and an economy and pixel art

Skylands Odyssey by Jemni - Adventure map style challenge server where you have to outwit and survive over a dozen challenges

Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire by Skeeve - a 16x survival world with an around the world railroad and amazing builds, just everywhere.

Skeeve’s Exile already mentioned

Giants by Brother Rabbit - newer server with organized building areas and handcar race track and PVP type arenas

Square One by TheBestOneEver - Custom survival and pvp world. No trade portals or protection, like old school survival

Others pop up all the time and you can just browse the threads on Multiplayer here.


@Yumtums starlight Sky’s 3 is a good place

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Not for a challenge, I don’t think.

I don’t think he was asking for a challenge
Not really sure

Yeah he said a little bit above he was interested in challenge stuff.

Oh ok, but still a great server tho

I went on it once. Was ok.

If you’re trying to make that server look bad, idc
If you’re not…cool

This thread might help you. You can check out some of these:


Woah these look amazing! Definitely checking them out!

Hit the spot @Thuthu!
Thanks guys, looking forward to experiencing the thrills!

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