Greedy cave troll

This cave troll is so greedy he keeps eating my coins! I’ve feed him over 50 coins, 30 of which were at one time where no one could mess up my taming. I haven’t hit him either

why won’t he tame? Is there some custom rules setting that prevents taming?

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How ironic.


That sign was for me. I accidentaly fed the troll one coin and reset the counter. Sorry potato… :frowning:

Oh so it means potato found that cave troll and at the first place he feeding the troll to tame and you ray accidentally feed his cave troll. I don’t think it will restart that how many foods that troll ate from potato even others the problem if the troll successfully tamed who will be the owner because 2 of you feeding him or it will never be tamed because a lots player feeding him lol that cause cave troll will get fat :lol: he needs diet too sometimes!

Well regardless of whether Ray’s would counter mine I’ve fed him enough times to tame it

@TZF the sign was to stop others from feeding him xD

You did it?

Deadlypotato left the server for a minute and the troll got hungry, so I fed it for him… how silly of me! He placed that sign to prevent that from happening again.

Deadlypotato gave up, and now I’m attempting to tame it. Can’t tame it as well.

If you can’t join the beast. Eat it.

If it is on a multiplayer world then maybe it is because trolls don’t die of natural causes? If you miss a feed, any feed time, perhaps it resets? The only way to ensure that you are the only person who feeds him and you never miss a feed is to stay right next to him, without leaving the server or even going afk, until he has had 10 coins.

If you are absolutely sure you have already fed him 10 coins without missing any feeds then it sounds like a bug or glitch.

I’ve fed it over 30 without leaving or going afk, no one else was even online. Also I was able to tame a dodo I just hatched in two feeds :confused: