Grey profile

I could not click on their profile. Were they suspended or did they delete their account

Is it still loading or something?

what is the topic name?


if you are unable to open up their profile or when you hold down and open/right click and open in new tab and it shows ‘oops! This page couldn’t be found’ it means it’s deleted, you’ll be able to see (most of the time) if a person is suspended on their profile like normal

Long tap on their profile and tap “Open Link in New Tab” to circumvent the issue. :slight_smile:

You might be right though. Which topic are you seeing this in? It’s possible that their account might’ve been suspended or deleted.

For example…

The topic is called gender
Why’d bill gates get suspended lol. Probably impersonation

Which reply? :question:

It’s an example profile. :slight_smile:

Bill Gates is no longer welcome in the blockheads forums

you do know he joined when he was a newborn right? look at the ‘date joined’, so creative isn’t it?

He implanted a microchip into somebody’s brain without their permission! :lol: