I was playing one of my favorite worlds before called Angels&Devils and a dude came on and said he was admin before. So A admin looked on the admin list and saw his name. Like some people would admin him. So once that happened he used the / Repair tool to destroy some blocks. For some reason there was a big lake over the angels spawn. He destroyed the walls on it and blamed it of corrosion. He started destroying spawn with all the water in it. It took a week to clean it all out. So if you see him on don’t let him fool you.


Welcome to the forums, just to let you know you might want to remove the person’s name because there’s a no naming and shaming rule. But im sorry for what happened to this server, good thi my it was able to be fixed.


welcome to the forums! might be a good idea to look here first to help you settle in.

I am sorry that has happened to the server you was on. however, you might want to remove that player’s name from your op since that falls under namin and shamin.


I’m sorry to hear that! I hope the server can be rolled back!


Welcome to the forums! Have a cookie :cookie:

I’m sorry to hear that. We’ve all been there at least once.


Hi Willyt the last two days my server has been griefed even though I ban name and ip he still comes back.He uses multiple devices and vpn .Best of luck just make staff aware to watch spawn.


Thanks for letting me know!

It took about a week to fix all of the water.


Sounds bad. Welcome to the official bh forums! Have a cookie :cookie: Greifers are never pleasant, the only good thing that comes from a greifed spawn is the jokes.


If the owner contacts me I can generally fix it much more easily by restoring from a backup. We call this a rollback, and it reverts a world back to what was at the time of the backup. We made backups once a day that a world is in use. Let the world owner know that, as it’s a good option most of the time.


We already got it fixed, but thanks for asking!


I’m aware. I was asking for you to let the world owner know that this is an option.