Griffin Land by Killerender120y (5th Year Anniversary On June 4, 2019)



Will anything happen to my apartment?


No, not at all.


Oh, okay.


Think I’ll stick with HOPE, can’t make up my mind.


What should the final new name be?

  • Land of Hope
  • Land of paradise
  • World of hope
  • Sunrise city
  • The new hope
  • New hope
  • Hope

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I will choose out the winning name later in the day, looking forward to sunrise city or land of hope


A Star Wars reference?


Server news:

I have reopened Griffen-land and it will return back to its normal activity hopefully. While in the meantime i will be making the logo for the new server name, i have decided on the name and have closed the poll.

Land of paradise has been chosen albeit doesn’t have 1 more vote to cover it.

And also i am going to rename the ravine flyer 2 deluxe to just ravine flyer deluxe so it does not contain a 2 anymore.

The subway of where it is will shortly be up and running again once i have everything placed.

And i have plans on updating the welcome message soon and to also record a video of how to start off

And also i plan on updating the OP of the thread.

And i forgot something, the PVP arena will be maybe redesigned soon.


Okay, the name change is in. and the logo is change

I will be updating the OP with the new rules and custom rules.

Here is what the new logo looks like


LnND of nnRnDIZE?


That is just how i designed the logo, sorry if it may confuse you.


I have a suggestion for the logo:

Try making the A have a dash inside it, and make the P look like a P.


No thanks, it is fine just as it is.


It’s not though, it’s extremely hard to distinguish. If you were to put this onto your wm, you would probably need to write the name somewhere. Some of the letters look nothing like the alphabet.

Especially the P.


Awesome color! Very refreshing. Though at first it was a little difficult to distinguish I thought was super cool.

I wonder though how it would look with the P with a little more. Next to the minalistic A in paradise it was, to me a little lost in translation :relaxed:


Ok, i can always just throw in the spare black template together and change it a little.


Logo has been updated, removed the futuristic look and reverted back to old look.


Slightly changed the look of the PVP arena and then made the basic kits.


Working on getting things done on this before I start porting things to things to this WM.

This will be for Welcome message 1.8 (using the old way of versions before I changed it back to 1.0)


Server news:

I am now allowing the use of other things to receive things that normally cost points. To hopefully lessen the strain on points. I want points to be optional rather then required.

Ownership signs will now allow the use of other items but i have made it a twist.

It will require:
1 carbon black pigment, 2 marble white pigment, 5 gold ingots and 1 sign

The pigments are supposed to repersent what would be used to make the sign lettering.

And on the other hand should protection signs remain free on the first round?

  • Y-Yes
  • N-No

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H-Hyness-sama, Baka!

Sorry I had to do it, hehehe.