Griffin Land by Killerender120y (5th Year Anniversary On June 4, 2019)



Okay, I went in and decided to build the bridge of Griffen-land a person named -=sofia=- never finished. And this is the result, had to go do the right side and some things. :slight_smile:

Though I mainly built another 50% -=sofia=- should deserve the credit for building what would become this.


Server news:

I am building something new which will have things from a past building relocated to this one, though the old one was planned to be expanded underground I thought it would be best to build a new one.

This will also give away to new things too. The old place that stored the items is planned to be demolished soon and turned into something else.

Here’s a picture

While on the other hand should freebuild be expanded to the left mountain?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

And should protection signs be rebanned in freebuild?

  • Yes
  • No

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Changing protection signs to be 10 points the first time, then 25.


I think that protection signs should be banned in the spawn island free build areas on the ground but if the building is far enough above the ground that a full grown pine tree’s top wouldn’t touch the building then protection signs should be allowed. In other words, i feel like there should be different building codes for the sky if it isnt already like that.


Though people may disagree on the polls I may end up going with yes then no


Then what was the point of the polls?


Just completed the new museum located at spawn station 2 to the —> and flattened the old one and the trading center.


What about T-Series?


Just pewdiepie

Also, something is happening at the ravine flyer deluxe.


Teaser one:


What if someone wants to go upwards and it fails?


It is a teaser of an upcoming track, though it is not finished and it is planned for june it just shows the work i have made


Working on the welcome message again and I made this happen. The genesis in TBOE’s Welcome message interfered with my logo


Update 2 on the WM: The welcome message is about almost finished. There may be a few things here and there that I need to do but anyway here is the picture


Alright, the new welcome message is slated to release shortly, if anyone cares about it. :slight_smile:

This update features a completely redesigned WM and heavy usage of tables.

All that is left is to update the map


Though this may not make a lot of sense a prisoner in @kentsylver’s jail i sentenced to life without food has escaped and may be on the loose.

it is reported that he has plans to destroy some places in the world but that is not yet known.

His name is De-Nim, one of my blockheads and for whoever can catch him. they will be given 50 pts


Breaking News:

It appears that during the shadows of the night GriffenDoor was vandalized and then the top portion set on fire.

Though the fire did not spread to any of the downstairs floors from the sprinkler systems in place. the top portion of them just stopped working causing a fire that is roughly a lot of points

InvestaGators are on the look out but while they we’re looking they may have found clues in the lobby.

The Manager Of GriffenDoor is currently evaluating the damage, the total amount of damage may cost around 3000+ points to repair. And the repairs he said could take quite a while.

GriffenDoor has been shut down and closed due to this incident until it can be rebuilt.

To those who can crack the code they will be rewarded 20 points


Server news:

Yesterday before this incident occurred wumbojumbo decided to build a fire department. I helped with the truck and here it is

With the recent incident that happened at GriffenDoor yesterday it has been estimated on the true amount of points it will cost to repair. 1200 points.

The repairs are going to begin today, but they may be slow as every floor that is burned needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Hopefully with the new systems that are going in place this will never happen again


Yeah, the fire station will hopefully help prevent this from ever happening again.


This is what De-Nim looks like for those of you that might’ve recognized a man like this or might recognize him in the future. Please keep an eye out for him.
De-Nim was also caught by a CCTV camera, which is where the image in the middle of the wanted poster came from. When officials went to the area where the CCTV camera was to capture De-Nim, he was nowhere in sight, other than the sign that he put there, which can be seen in the surveillance image below. According to the sign, De-Nim claims to be innocent, but that seems very unlikely, considering he was in prison and managed to escape. A strand of De-Nims hair was found near the area of the sign. Officials say that it smelled like burnt wood and was slightly charred. People are dismissing it as nothing though, and that’s probably the case. The search for De-Nim will continue on.