Griffin Land by Killerender120y (5th Year Anniversary On June 4, 2019)



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Though i promised on closing this world on june 5th i may end up changing my mind.

I now have plans to close this world once LOP 2 Opens, i promise there will still be a fifth year anniversary. But hopefully we can celebrate it on the other world instead.

I hope you can understand what i am going through.


That just doesn’t seem right.


I agree


Puberty, oh wait, sorry, poverty.
(I totally understand that dude, I went through the same process of not being able to pay for a server ;-; )


Today i am announcing that i have discontinued quests, and that i have also removed the ability to earn credit/points.

It is unfortunate to do this. But it has to be done.

I also updated the welcome message, for one last time ever.

Though i am saddened to see this world go soon, i just have to accept it and move on.

I promise that the new world i am building will be much, much better. i promise :slight_smile:

Also, once the banking system is introduced in the mac service all who had a big sum of points and who we’re active i promise to transfer your points to that world.

It will be capped at a 100 point transfer, but that is fine.

Also, to those who have worked very hard please PM me so i can give you 3 stacks of platinum on the new server once it opens. I will review how long you have been on to make sure you we’re very active before i give it away


We should build a bank in the new server.


I have to announce this with the opening of LOP 2 on the same day.

Most of you know that this place is closing and it is, but the date wasn’t known until now.

Just to clarify this is not a joke, it is actually closing on april 1st. Thank you to all the players who we’re active and came on to help out.

I am always grateful for this, and it is sad to see this world go. but on the bright side there is LOP 2. so when it opens i hope you can join :slight_smile:

That is all for now, at this point i am barely on.


ok whats the port and stuff to the server again?


I can already tell that this is going to be a joke.


I believe him, don’t you?


It is not


Just because he said so? Why couldn’t he pick April 2nd or March 31st?


I have reopened LOP to the public, but I will not be funding it. as I really have no means of funding it and coming back on.

I also have cleared the blacklist.

Anyway, in a month from now this server will be turning 5 years old. Though I have no plans on having a party for it. I just thought I would reopen it now

There will be no bot, but from now on I am going to keep it open. but I will not take care of this world.

PM me if you want to apply for admin


I set it to 90 days credit. Happy fifth, LoP.


Here’s a join link Incase the world keeps turning private.


I have decided that I am going to revert the name to its original counterpart. R.I.P land of paradise name

But on the other side the birthday is in a few weeks, so congrats to that :slight_smile:


Server news:

I am going to begin the process of a spawn refresh shortly. What spawn will I build, I was thinking more of how Eternal Memories spawn looked before I closed that world.

I will still leave the little lake in if I can, and may expand it. But I just wanted to tell people about this if they go to the world and like the spawn. :slight_smile:



The spawn is done. :slight_smile: