Griffin Land by Killerender120y (Turning 5 in June)





I think I am going to revert the name to its original name, griffen land. because I feel like it.

Although some may disagree. it is really just up to me at the end.

By the way I think griffin land is going to run out of credit in 3 days @Joe


wow u made a 12 post in a row
and it still follows the rules I think
much wow doge


Play on my friend, play on.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan!


What do you mean?


Read the post I replied to.


Okay, I have updated the OG-P or original post with the latest info.

Anyway I have been doing a few things around the world here and there including spawn but what I am doing is connection the spawn to the right island that has been neglected for so long.

I am actually building an underwater tunnel and @potato4 I believe is building something to go with the lake.

Here are some pictures

Random clamshell

The underwater tunnel beginning construction is actually the first in the servers history.

Please correct me if I got The โ€œ@โ€ wrong.


I got the underwater subway done and now spawn is connected between islands.

That island is a part of spawn and really has never been connected via subway before.

I will continue work later in the day.




i am using the bot to copy all the blacklists in all the worlds currently in my portal even if false bans are in there, if you are banned please PM me to appeal your ban and provide your User/IP if you can so i can identify your ip in the list and unban you.


I have made a ban appeal and staff form so if anyone is either banned or wants to apply to become staff you can do it here instead of PM, all responses will be heard when i get to them.


For a little bit (few minutes i think) i managed to rank up 7 players on the server at once.)


Updated the OP to add a new rule.

โ€œTrade portals that are above LVL 4 at spawn must be sealed or they may be removed.โ€

Plus, I may be building a new hotel. I have a name for it but I want it to be a surprise. It is somewhere in the thread.

Itโ€™s main payment will be 5 points every week with protection area to settle in. It will be a 5x9 area.

While griffin-door will be 1 point every day with a nice little area but no protection.

Hufflepuff hotel for nice sleep will be under spawn :slight_smile:


I am removing the starter kit in favor of the shop under spawn. but i will be nice enough to include a steam locomotive, 2 coal, a boat and 5 apples.

The shop will have basic building blocks. and i will be updating the OP


It looks like this server is going to have an early snow shower soon, it is set for sometime soon but weโ€™re not sure when yet.

We will notify you when the snow arrives.

While we are waiting on the snow shower to come we are making the logo gold :slight_smile:

We as in just me :confused:


Thinking of making a christmas building comp in one area, is anyone up for it or should i make it into a building area?

  • Yes, i am up to it.
  • No, make it into a building area

0 voters

And to make sure will you participate in the building comp?

  • Yes i will
  • No i wonโ€™t

0 voters

If this does not receive enough votes i will not go with the building comp plans but instead building area plans.

I need at least 16 votes saying yes in order to start the comp.

If this goes out i may have plans to start it from december 1st to 25th, the prizes at the end will be.

1st: 1 safe of plat, a rainbow unicorn and 100 points in game (have the choice to transfer platinum and unicorn to their server)
2nd: half a safe of plat and a rainbow unicorn and 50 points in game (have the choice to transfer platinum and unicorn to their server)
3rd: a rainbow unicorn and 40 points in game (have the choice to transfer the unicorn to their server)
4th: 99 platinum coins and 30 points in game
5th: 50 platinum coins and 20 points in game
6th: 25 platinum coins and 15 points in game
7th: 10 platinum coins and 10 points in game
8th: 5 platinum coins and 5 points in game
9th - 16th: sadly nothing

You would have a 31x31 space you can build in for your creation, to add a space will be free.


The logo has been updated to add snow!


If the build contest starts dec 1st then i wont be able to join in. Once Nov 25th passes i wont be playing blockheads much untill spring, so unless the build comp starts near/right after ('merican) thanksgiving theres a 70% chance that i wont be able to join, i would still love to try though.