Griffin Land by Killerender120y (Turning 5 in June)



Maybe we could probably do this in the group PM and decide which date to do it on.


Thinking about making hotel prices go up or down depending on the weekday.

for example lets say monday is 4 points, and then saturday is 6. does that make sense?


Okay, due to my mistakes I forgot to protect a part of spawn and had it griefed a bit.

If somehow this can work I want anyone to be on the lookout for any griefers so I can put a ban to them.


Interesting, griffen-land rose to 7 players without me and when i found out i joined making it eight.


I am going to be doing a few changes to the custom rules. don’t mind if the starter kit changes also


Whoever added 30 days please come out so i can thank you. it would be nice :slight_smile:


Wasnt me this time. :blush:


I think I may start setting up decorations tomorrow for Christmas in December.


Just a reminder that the rules and stuff here will not be the same as on the server. just wanted to talk about this because i saw a post on freewaykillers server thread.

Keep this in mind.


Looks like my logs sunk in and nothing from 2014 exists anymore :confused:


Whelp, didn’t see this coming. During a routine job at spawn I heard a Big Bang that came from upstairs and it scared me half to death.

When I went to the crafting room nothing was wrong except for plaster dust on the floor.

When I went into the photo gallery that’s where I saw it.

The spawn roof weakened under the weight of the show collapsing.

I may not be able to get this repaired until spring because that’s when the people who are going to assess and repair the damage won’t be coming until then so for now the spawn roof has been put up on wood supports and for now this should be put up as a temporary fix to hold the roof up.

P.S: I made this story up because I felt like it :slight_smile:


The Chrismas Sky-City
Introducing a new sky-city on Griffen-Lands a city which is full of awesome mini-games made by build itme (me) so here it is on right to spawn 10 tc far the city is ready with 2 mini-games right now if u wanna play it and win super prizes u can only on saturday and sunday when i am online we will have more mini-games soon be ready

We will be telling about and introducing the mini-games next week till now are u really exited for saturday to come on so u can play the mini games?


I think someone in the server may be using a VPN.

Anyway I will not mind if you are using a VPN on my servers as long as you don’t use it to bypass a ban.


So, I was up to my usual old spawn shenanigans again so I just decided to go underwater and build one. But I like the way I designed this one.

It is near the great oceans to the right, i won’t leak the location because there is a code inside so I will leave it up to you.

The code will be set up tomorrow hopefully so you can earn points from it.

So anyway, this is what it looks like.

And by the way I also want to point this out, today the server turned 4 years and 5 months. Not much of a celebration but it is almost half way to becoming 5 years in 2019. :slight_smile:


I have created a blockheadsfans for this server. You may vote here:


There is now a lost and found under the Griffen-Land logo at spawn. This will be used for storing lost items from demolitions or items recovered from others who have stolen them.

There are 8 spaces, one of them is being used for someone who was banned, then unbanned today.

Items not picked up within a certain time will be set into a room where good items like fully upgraded workbenches and stuff will be recovered while the junk items will be chucked into the lava.

If anyone has an item in lost and found please PM me or tell an admin and we will pick the item up for no cost.


Griffen-Land now has something which is very common in vanilla but not so in custom rules I believe. It’s a rainbow unicorn!

I had someone do the process for me in exchange I believe for 50 points and it is now done.

This is the first ever in its recorded history, I will not disclose the players name unless they want to be disclosed. But for now I will keep it hidden.


Anyone have a guess, no? I can’t figure it out.

But I heard that it will hold things picked up from certain places of the world.


Congrats @Lord-Hyness that is awesome!!