Griffin Land by Killerender120y (Turning 5 in June)



meditation helps people in getting free stuff so don’t remove it


I have decided to recreate the look of the original mountain and then open the interior up.


Server news:

Due to a strange bug where blockheads only need apples to spawn in i have set the limit of blockheads spawning in to 3, until it can be fixed. and i will also be changing the starter kit and death settings.


Updating the logo for christmas, it will come soon. :slight_smile:

By the way the snow is just for winter :slight_smile:


Server news:

The final Christmas decorations will be placed at spawn.

And one more piece of news: the lottery is now free but actives are only allowed to participate in it. those who join once then vanish forever will not be allowed to participate. refunds to those who bought tickets before this change


Someone suggested that i should host a suggestion, mainly a youtuber who is on this forum named @Hnandj_BML.

So if anyone is willing to add some credit because Griffen-land only has 11 days left and participate in it i will host it on December 20th to 25th. if that’s okay.

On December 25th people who participate will get free gifts of their choosing including 50 points.

Okay, now the big question. will anyone participate in this event? i need at least 5 people to say yes before i consider this event and start building.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Busy (i can expect this one to be selected a lot)

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Thanks SO much for an anonymous user for adding 30 days of credit!


Change of plan, I am going to push the date from Dec 17th to 20th and ending 25th like always.


That’s pretty awesome!


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks to @bilingual for adding 30 days of credit, although i participated in a race and won first place i still believe he needs honoring :slight_smile:

Please do note that you shouldn’t ask him or anyone i mention to add credit to a server as they may decline your request.


I also forgot to mention this, Griffen-Land is now 4 Years and 6 Months old :slight_smile:

Anyway I have been busy with a new town I built under spawn.

It’s name is GriffenTon. It will house all the shops and workbench stations in one place. This will make it easier to find what you need :slight_smile:

Here is progress so far from a picture I took not long ago :slight_smile:


Teaser #1:


woah cool underground city idea


The bot may be offline for a while, mainly because my computer is not acting right internet wise and not allowing me on the internet.

Until then services like /apartments and others will be offline and non-functional.

I will update this thread when everything is up and running again.

If I end up having to restore my computer the bot will need to be entirely reworked on meaning commands will be completely unavailable until then.

If I end up having to get a new internet chip that may take a while to get.


Unfortunately when i restored my PC all the bot data was erased. So until all is fixed all commands will not function.


Teaser 3:


Okay, if you have been reading around i may have teased stuff around. To make it clear i am actually teasing something from rabbithole.

I would like to announce that my track Ravine Flyer 2 is coming to Griffen-Land in the near future. :slight_smile:

If you do not know what the ride looks like i will give you an image of it

What i will be doing after GriffenTon is done is i will be rebuilding this but also making a few changes to the build so it is not the same thing.

I may actually make a reverse track, if you don’t know what i mean. i mean that the track will be able to go in reverse :slight_smile:

Things will need to change for this to happen so while i figure things out you can sit back and relax while i build it :smiley:

Hopefully i can get this done soon.


Going to change the logo to the 5 year anniversary one so i do not have too in june.


Random logo leak: