Griffin Land by Killerender120y (Turning 5 in June)



A race event will be going on at Griffen-land at the Ravine flyer 2 left of spawn. 39 tcs from the portal to be exact

Practice periods will begin from now to the 21st of December at 6:00 PM. And then the race will begin.

To win you will need to go 2 laps on the normal track and then 2 in the reverse track, your place in the race will be revealed the next day on the world thread.

1st place will win a safe of goodies, a unicorn and 100 credits.
2nd place will win a safe of goodies and 50 credits.
3rd place will win a safe of goodies and 25 credits.
4th place will win a cabinet of goodies and 10 points.
5th place will not earn anything.

Race begins December 22, 2018 12:00 AM (Europe: Paris), December 21, 2018 3:00 PM (America: Los Angeles) Tonight! Hope you can make it, i am sure also @Bibliophile could hand out some server credit if i am right :slight_smile:


Just finished 1.4 of the WM’s main thing. The new way of navigating it :slight_smile:

I have removed the buttons for this one and decided for a hamburger menu for navigating from now on.

I will be publishing this into the welcome message shortly, it is a small or big change but I will not be adding upgrades or editing anything to this version but I will to 1.4.1


The museum walls studs have been fixed, sadly the plaster damage is unrepairable so from now on there will be a few holes in the museum.

And i would like to announce that the pole items haven’t been stolen to the grinch but rather given to a few people for christmas, it is a suprise of who gets them but they are there :slight_smile:


… Seems like the snow is beginning to melt at Griffen-Land. I heard it may not last long as it could be gone by the 28th.

In the meantime the lottery has ended, Thanks for all 6 who have participated in the lottery :slight_smile:

The winning numbers are:
30 3 40 32 43 36 46

To whoever that is go check the signs at spawn. :slight_smile:

Please note I chose the final username as I felt they needed to win. :slight_smile:


The Griffen-Land Team wishes you a Holly Jolly Christmas this year! :slight_smile:

For just today and the 26th if I can remember I will be increasing the points you earn by 2 meaning you will earn 4 when you join daily, and when you are active you may even get 5-6 points.

Since the snow will be gone by the 28th I just wanted to say that no matter what you should always like Christmas :christmas_tree:

And as a special gift from me actives will be receiving gifts from me as a present for their hard work and dedication. :slight_smile:

Come to the tree at spawn and ask a staff or me to pick up the present at any time, you have until January 3rd to pick the presents up from the tree before I need to take them off the tree.

Merry Christmas to ALL! And happy New Years :slight_smile:


Excuse me if i didn’t be active on the 25th or a lot of today.

I promise tonight that i will change the amount of credit earned daily and the hourly one. but this will be permanent :slight_smile:

Happy early new years folks :smiley:


So, I am working on spawn, it originally intended for a 1 block expansion in height but I think while I’m at that I will do other things too :slight_smile:

And you may have noticed I changed the block that it is made of to steel again.


Thanks to @The_Fading_Star and @Bibliophile For adding 30 days of credit. :slight_smile:


Server news:

So I have decided to do away with Slither-Inn, so what I decided to do is set some of it on fire and then paint it black later.

Slither-In has been removed as an apartment.


Think i may repair the museum because the wood looks ugly



During while I was doing nothing a giant meteor came and crashed down onto where slither-inn used to be before the fire.

It has managed to cause a part of the subway to collapse and caused the front glass of the museum to completely shatter.

One of the subway stations have been closed down until further notice…

Further info will be provided later, but for now here are some images

The truth

Please note the stories I make up are fake, I was the one who made the meteor and it wasn’t natural. :slight_smile:


A meteor of that size would have vanished in the atmosphere…
(Just a little joke, your roleplays are interesting)


Well, the old year is almost over. It was a great one but not all things last forever.

I wish all a happy 2019!


Griffen-land is going to become 4 years and 7 months old on the 4th of January and guess what!

Griffen-land will become 5 in June of 2019! If the server can stay up until then i may host a 5 year anniversary party of this old world.

And one more thing, i really wish you a happy 2019 and new year!


Teaser #1 of a new shop with sitting area, located by Ravine Flyer 2.

:grinning: :pizza: :coffee::milk_glass: :cake:?



Okay, here is the plan for today.

I may be putting a 16x worldwide railway system. Which will be a challenge of its self but I am going to be hiring people to help

This could possibly take a year or too but maybe with help from others we can shrink that time.

Trade portals will be set to free constantly to get the railway done so for now I may be thinking of banning trade portals.

If anyone wishes to help I will give them admin privileges until the project is done and then they will become mod if they helped a bunch.

Will anyone help me out with this project or do you have other things?

  • Yes
  • No

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When helping it would be nice to put a few hours a day of your life into this. :slight_smile:

Donations will not be given but I will be happy if you participate.


Dude, I recommend you something, build it in the air.
Way easier.


It may be easier, but then i would have to double the placement x2 so then i would have to place about 500K blocks.


@OBITOWANKENOBI good advice, i am currently also trying to complete a 16X railway. My main advice if not in the air defo prioritise it over water. It causes so much lag and is so hard to multitask when you try to compress water out of the subway :arrrrgh: @Lord-Hyness


Maybe rather then giving admin i will give you stone to pile over the water so it can make things easier at the oceans.


200 Tcs on the railway have been officially reached on the right!