Griffin Land by Killerender120y (Turning 5 in June)



First day of work is done, and I have to say that.

I got between half or a full 1x done within a day, it is a lot of work but it was all possible with some of the help of Kent sylver who is one of the occasional-frequent actives on the server :slight_smile:


Since the equator is 300+ I believe tcs from spawn left and the North Pole is 10-9 islands away it will be 25% complete within a few days with some help

Those who still wish to help request it here please.

And also thanks to
Kent sylver
And my self

For contributing into this project.


Ban Appeal form and The Staff application form have received updates.


I would like to help with the railway.


Okay, although i am not at spawn you may ask one of the admins for supplies


Yeah, i didn’t do the railway today for some reason. but i will eventually get to it. :slight_smile:


Server News:

I am just here to say that i will be removing Griffen-land from blockheadsfans. Although blockheadsfans is still up and idk how long it will remain up it would be best to remove it from blockheadsfans.

Thanks to everyone for voting throughout the days that it has remained on blockheadsfans. :slight_smile:

And since the bot was updated i am going to go in and do changes, including a currency name change.




Due to a cheater, trade portals have been set back to buy only. The cheater has been banned from this server permanently.

If you want to sell things you may ask me so i can set tps to sell only for a few seconds or that stuff, or you can sell stuff in shops.

By the way, cheating is not allowed on this server. If i catch anyone cheating or if an admin catches you cheating you will be permanently banned from this server with no appeal privileges at all.

If you want to know the name and/or ip of the cheater please DM me about it rather then i having to post it publicly.


Are admins allowed to set trade portals to sell and buy or do we have to ask too?
Assuming ofc that we turn it back to buy only right after.


i guess


I am currently working on the welcome message of this world again.

This is posted from the welcome message as of the making of this. :slight_smile:


I am going to be taking a break on the worldwide railway, not sure when i will get back to it but for now i am taking a break.

Once i get back i will begin working on the left to get to the equator


Going to be reworking the spawn building again, seems I finally found the steel spawn to be an eyesore.

Do not worry if it is going to be the same thing over again, I have plans hopefully for a new original idea.


Sorry if subway travel was interrupted today, apparently the G on the Griffen-Land logo fell. I am also hearing that someone may have went missing?

Stay tuned for more updates.


Doing some changes to the right landscape and Griffen-door, already removed some rooms from Griffen-door and i am going to be removing the lake by Griffen-door.

And if you want to earn points if you are a newcomer you will need to have at least 5 joins.


The G on the Griffen-Land logo has been repaired, but while it was being lifted up the bottom was badly damaged so it needed to be cut out and replaced with a new one. Here is an image :slight_smile:


Little fun fact: The West Equator is only 280 time crystals left from the main spawn portal.

There are 5 islands in total not counting the small ones that you will need to cross to get there.

There is a quest that needs to be done in a certain order, but this will be the fourth pole that will have the final code.


In a video I have made I showed you how to make a big painting, after that video I went in and repaired the museum and then did some work to it.

This is what it now looks like.


Welcome message 1.02.0 is in development, it features a list of items that you can buy with points. And can anyone notice what was changed on the logo?

10 points to whoever gets it right.

Also the currency has been renamed to Credit/Point to make it easier for myself to name it Credit or point. This was a few days ago or yesterday.