I see something call group or someone and if you tap on it it also say my own group so do that mean you can make a group and. How? The only group open/closed is admin and mod or something and I see closed group but no one else group so what with the group? I am cofull about the group


Groups? What do you mean? I don’t think such a thing exists.


is this a suggestion? or are you confusin it with somethin else?


the old forum had groups which anyone could create. This new one does not. There are a few groups but they are limited because support has to control and manage them.


I think it’s pretty obvious he’s talking about this:

When you tap it it shows admin and mods groups on top of all groups.


It was night time so I was asleep and up/LITTE bit up :joy:

on so this use to have groups but for somere thay stop it?


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I still need know how use it I not good as that stuff


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I can make groups. You can’t. RoP has a group. The testing team has a group. They’re a forums function, but they’re not generally available.

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