🌲 GRY LAND (OG) - Blockheads Cloud Server

Welcome to Gry Land (OG), Short for Gryphon Land (Original)


Owned by Killerender120Y
Rules: Custom
PVP: Disabled
Size: 16x

World creation:

Wed, 6/04/2014 - 8:39PM EDT

Summary/Idea of the Server:

Like your typical survival world, you may explore far and wide and/or set up base. There are also other things you can see/visit.

Server rules:

Read them, otherwise you will be banned.
  1. Do not bully, harass or assault people. You will be banned if done.

  2. Language that is NSFW is not allowed, an example is the F-word. You will be banned for using this.

  3. Do not date, be inappropriate, or any of that stuff. Or you will be banned from this server.

  4. Raiding, Griefing, and Stealing is allowed.

Failure to read the rules will result in a permanent ban from the server. You can not appeal this.

If there is a bad player please use the reports function or PM Lord-Hyness on the forums, false reports will not be tolerated.


(Please note that I will not be putting the money into funding this world. so if you want to play on it if its out of credit, you will need to put your own money into it.)



maybe add stuff to make people want to revive the server?
such as builds, and idea of how the server works, where to build, moderation, promotion availability, etc

I think you are allowed to build anywhere unprotected. I will allow that but if this is revived I will start hiring staff for the time.

The server was originally economy themed in 2017 until I just constantly lost connection so I closed the server. I opened it awhile ago but not adding credit to it.

I think maybe this could be a freebuild server.

Problem. The server is out of credit

Maybe if somehow I can reduce the amount of lag I can reopen this world and maybe even fund it for a while.

If anyone is willing to help out on credit I will greatly honor them, maybe even admin them to help out to restore what once was. If It goes out I will try my best to reduce lag maybe with help.

I am thinking maybe that if it all goes well I could try to put in some money to fund the server.

Let me know if anyone adds credits so I can check it out

[quote=“Legoboy70, post:9, topic:72056, full:true”]
If anyone is willing to help out on credit…[/quote]

Done. Play on players. :+1:t2:


Thanks so much joe! you didn’t have to do it though if you didn’t want too. but thank you anyway :slight_smile:

It’s much less fun If I have to do it. :joy:


Think I removed about every spec of paint at spawn, just doing it is a nightmare :confused:

Just a reminder that if I do add credit I only have about 5 dollars in my bank so I will not be able to go to Christmas so for a period of time until maybe Christmas I have to leave the server out of credit until I can get an iTunes card to credit the world.

Edit: Now heres the plan, I will allow trade portals to be free as long as no one builds titanium structures or any mess we have to clean up. You may do it 200 tcs away from spawn but not near it.

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I should be able to donate once more between now and Christmas.


You’re so kind.

I dont mind helping to support servers I’m interested in.


Taking a look back I remember building a complex called “griffin-door”. No pun intended.

It still is beautiful with the lake.

You may request to live here although there are plots to build at if you wish.

Only Harry Potter fans will get what I mean by no pun intended.

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If anyone has a good way to reduce or stop lag in a certain area please do because I have one area to the right toward the remains of a past mountain that just lags and disconnects at random.

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Are there a lot of portals near that area? Could there be a glitched item? Pinpointing the problem causing the disconnects can be difficult. Sometimes you can see what is causing the difficulty when you are zoomed out. Start removing suspect items with the /repair tool until the problem is solved. The world that I had this problem on the glitched item turned out to be an oil light. Once it was removed the disconnects stopped.

There really isn’t anything there but one area had a strange glitch where it turned your blockhead black and it was in the sky of nothing but air, if you want you may investigate it. I will give you admin for it.

It is at the mountain and ocean.

Edit: I believe to have found one issue, the overpopulation of fish and sharks.