🌲 Gryffondor (OG) - Blockheads Cloud Server

This may be irrelevant I’m sorry but you should make a slither-inn



Should this server have free trade portals because I am thinking of a legit survival again :confused:

  • Free
  • Pay to get item

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Thinking of building some sort of boat track thing. where you jump from things if it works

I am actually thinking of building the original spawn again for the millionth time but with a different block this time.

The mountain has been restored and will be for sale for free for anyone planning to build it. Do note the inside is hollow.

The new spawn is finished, it may look familiar but I think this will be the final version of the old spawn but upgraded. I am going to allow people to place photos on the top if they wish. Or admins too

And as a bonus, the spawn is made from luminous plaster.

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This really hasn’t gotten enough attention, is that really how servers like these are?

This world may be a bit ancient and still has some remains of past play time like the bridge left of spawn on the second island and all the items I and friends placed but idk.

The reason my worlds aren’t ROP (doesn’t make you popular either) is that I am not able to join for reasons you shouldn’t worry about.


Okay, three votes so far. I am going to go with the process of renaming the world when I find a name that I think may be suitable.

I was thinking of “Team forward” or “homosapiens”. Hope mama food supply doesn’t mind if I we’re to name it team forward.

Server only has a few weeks left and I’m completely broke for spending all my money on legos.

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Just to make this official, I have changed the rules of the world in the WM and yet here but anyway

I will be cracking down on people who cuss on the server by an instant ban. even one bad word may lead to a ban.

I just don’t want people to be hurt by bad peoples mouths so I had to do this, if you are banned for cussing please PM me to get it appealed, I am free to appeal anyone for their behavior unless they continue it :slight_smile:

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I am thinking of naming griffin-land, Homosapiens which is a different way to say human I think.

On griffin land I just found this big vein of platinum in the core.


I’m jealous. :unamused:

Think maybe i will keep the server name the same, but I have something planned for the future. Thinking of making a new world

I will not share the name or mode but it will be a new server.


Sorry wumbo, the server really isn’t popular and it has just been empty. But don’t worry

It will be a farm where people can collect fruits

I was planning on an admin only area here but decided against that in favor of something special.

I have made a new place in griffin lands missing hole that I haven’t filled.

It is a nice restaurant with things built by just me. It is also something me and another player made in 2017, BFD.

This is what this place looks like at night.

I actually like the color of the ruby, makes it feel nice and romantic :slight_smile:

I also cleverly used the ruby columns to make the chandelier look like it is not floating but instead hanging.

This place is now hiring if you wish to apply.



wow u made a 12 post in a row
and it still follows the rules I think
much wow doge

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