Guess : How many 🐠?

hey yall,

I hope you all are having a great day so far :blush:

Let’s play a game of guess

it’s simple, just guess how many fish there are in this picture below

it’s a harmless game to make you day a lil more interesting…

(I don’t know what to give as a prize, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment what the prize should be)

the answers will be revelead at 2020-05-15T15:00:00Z

hint : the number of fish is greater than 15

happy guessing :upside_down_face:



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27? Lol

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Uh 35?

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A stack of platinum coins?

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Idea 1 of mine: 3 or 5 tamed unicorns

Idea 2 of mine: Maybe you could get a little outfit like pole items and different dyed clothes for a blockhead to wear.

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I was thinking 29.
Also if this is multiplayer, maybe you could give mod/admin to whoever wins!

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33 fish!

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i don’t really have that much coins on the sever i play on :confused:

I’ll fund it. 2 stacks of platinum coins but you’ll have to let me use a portal chest on your server to make the transfer lol (not letting people into mine)

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the sever i play on isn’t even vanilla :confused: :rofl:

smh…the winner has to let me use a portal chest then lol

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we’ll settle at that, thanks so much for willing to ‘donate’ platinum

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Lemme guess …1…2…

28 fish I think.



dun dun dun dun dun…

:tada::tada: THE WINNER IS @GlassRose :tada::tada:
:tada::tada: CONGRATSS :tada::tada:

It (35) was the closest guess to the actual amount (36)

where did you rank?

the ranking of people who came the closest

  1. @GlassRose at 35
  2. @Genomatic at 38
  3. @Dreams at 33
  4. @PandaAndBean at 29
  5. @YournicknameX at 28
  6. @AppleTasteGood at 27
  7. @Haduj8 at 24

glassrose, you can claim your prize from @Dreams by messaging him
(thanks so much again dream for sponsoring the prize)

thank you to everyone who participated !!

see you next time?

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Congratulations @GlassRose

If you want to claim your prize of two stacks of platinum coins, you’ll need to let me use a portal chest on a survival server :slight_smile:

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I’m not on any survival servers… give it to the runner up sorry :slight_smile:!

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Thank you for your generosity!

@Wang Again!

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@Genomatic you can claim your prize of two stacks of platinum coins by pming @Dreams provided you have a portal chest for him on a survival sever

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