Guess the Server from Memories


Super Simple Game:

  • Describe a memory you have had on a server.
  • Then insert a poll of Forum Servers of possible locations this could have happened.
  • See who guesses, it may bring back some fun memories for people
  • Reveal the answer :smiley:

Rules to the game:

  • No memories such as : I was banned/ Kicked or anything negative
  • Keep it positive remember the aim of the game is to share fun memories with one another
  • You are welcome to reveal the Correct server when you wish.
  • Please keep poll results public on polls so we can see who guessed right!

Here is one from me to get the ball rolling:
One time on _____ I freaked out (quite recently) that a hacker had completely over ridden my blockhead! I was so scared as I kept trying to drown my self, over and over. I was had no idea what to do, I was so upset! Only to be told it was actually the tin foil hat I was sporting…4 years into the game to figure out what a tinfoil hat did :clap:t4:

  • UniHorse
  • Giants
  • The Arcade
  • Sugarflop

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I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with :smiley:


I’m thinking that it’s Unihorse.


One time I broke the rules by reading the rules on…

  • Sugarflop
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Creative of Time
  • Nicecream
  • The Maze Runner
  • Outside the blocks
  • Skeeves Exile

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I have seen people saying “I WANT ADMIN”, hacking, CENSOR EVADING, AND USING INAPPNAMES so I banned them, in where?

  • Agedsurvival
  • Giants
  • Pixmilla
  • Land of Nature
  • Unihorse
  • Exp.oof.onomy

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I was wondering through ____ and picked up a Portal Chest I didn’t know it was the only one so I took it and ended up doing something… Which Server did I do this in?

  • Dream Falls
  • Diamond Islands
  • Diamond Isles
  • Revenge Ence

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Winners will receive ?! Vote ends 10th December 2018, I’ll remove the Poll and put the Winners and Losers but no shame, you tried your best because this is hard. :blush:

Rule-breaking part of post redacted - milla


@AuraShadow this is not within the guidelines of my game.

Please re word your contribution to this thread.


Oh sorry I forgot I’ll reword it.


Giving likes away is strictly against our rules. Likes need to be earned by the posts that are liked, or by the suggestion in the post. Any other reason to like a post is considered dishonest.


I was having a really good time flying around on my first rainbow unicorn. I just found a diamond tree in the sky! A message pops up on the screen. The server disconnected everyone. I rejoin only to find that I have fallen off my unicorn to my death.

  • Unihorse
  • Skeeve’s Exile
  • Rabbithole
  • Emerald Gardens
  • BH Partay

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I remember a friend building a sky city and we lived on it, we also had an admin hotel and all that stuff. Where was that?

  • Skylands Arena
  • Griffen-Land
  • Creative of time
  • Rabbithole

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