Guess what will be in 1.8


lets guess what will be in 1.8!



Head Lamps




Bug fixes! Yay…


A Legendary Scar




Hoping some sort of rare animals, ruins or something like traps (when you step on something, another thing would be active)


More improvements! :wink:




Sharks with lazers


Bug fixes.




More lag


Lag Improvements!


Desert improvement (followed by a big amount of text) adding placeable cactus, more desert enemies (antlions, camels [have same level of progression of donkeys and unicorns], Anubis [insanely rare and stong as cave trolls enemy that shoots lasers from eyes, like in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga],…), desert sky islands with more sandstone, the dates food, quartzite (marble alt found in deserts), sandstone caves expanding to even lava, sanstone ores, and even sandstorms.


These exist already.


Just bug fixes only.


Android and IOS in a nutshell :laughing:


This is fake but just imagine :slight_smile:

Fake change log (1.8):

-3D printers are now a thing! Requiring plastic and ink you can now craft 3D projects of any kind from a selection of things. Made using expensive items.
-Motherboards, chips and wires are now a thing.
-Plastic can now be crafted by using certain recipes. Can be used to make the 3D printer.
-Books have been added and a book and quill to write things into, you can put these in a special bookshelf holding up to 32 books.
-You can now warp in 6 blockheads. The sixth requiring 500 time crystals. But to prevent lag servers will only be available to only five if not in custom rules.
-Teleportation costs have been tripled to accommodate the world sizes.
-A new 64x world option is now available. The BIGGEST world in Blockheads since the 16x. To prevent all kinds of issues when making these worlds the cost for making it triples to 6 dollars for one month and 2 dollars for a week.
-You can now customize how your blockheads shirt looks like.
-Unicorns can now fart cakes.
-Cave trolls can now lay babies and the babies can be tamed.
-You can now capture cave trolls using a special cage. But this cage can’t go into portal chests.
-added bananas, blueberries, pineapple and other fruits.
-added chickens, pigs, cows, squirrels and much much more.
-If you don’t feed your unicorn enough it will puff back into a normal donkey.
-great whites are now a new animal but you can’t tame them and they can instantly destroy boats.
-Expert mode now has a portal chest and with custom rules but there are certain limitations to these portal chests. They are stored in a different file then a normal portal chest. And you can only bring an item around your world. Not into other worlds.
-Unknowns have been completely removed as well as the tc item. It no longer exists entirely. But the tc block will still remain
-Metal tools in expert mode now have to be forged which only takes 30 seconds for each one to be forged. This requires a hammer and time. If you let the metal cool down you can’t forge it. There are a few stages of forging.
-Copper wire now can admit electricity. Get to close and it will shock the blockhead.
-You will now take damage even when you pause.
-Blockheads health in expert mode has been chipped by half. Blockheads now die instantly when their health is drained.
-Tc Ads have been removed due to unsettling ads by our provider. But you can now earn tcs daily but changing the clock by one day will not trigger another day to commence preventing any additional tcs from being added. Only 20 tcs will be earned daily.
-Servers now have the option to add a 365 option for 15 dollars. Credit has been increased to a limit of 365. When the world stops while you join it will no longer display the out of credit thing.
-Any credit added when almost at max will not be added.
-There is now an option to add 12 hours to a server for 600 tc. Although this option will appear every 24 hours to be fair
-The menu has been reworked. There is now a single player and a multiplayer scroller in the bottom middle. But your worlds will still display.
-A new settings tab has been added to the menu.
-When muting someone it will now display the new font instead of the old one.
-The classic textures now display the old font and look.
-killing a blockhead now drops all their stuff vanilla or not instead of some. But you can use the death drops option to lessen it.
-a new “block” option is now in session so if someone is being disrespectful you can block them and you won’t hear them even in alternate accounts. They will also not be allowed to join your servers
-there is now a new privacy mode called “locked”, it does not function like private. But instead locks everyone except you out of the server at will.
-Support for iPad 2, 3 And 4, iPhone 4s, 5 and iPod 5 have been dropped. They will no longer receive updates because the firmware they use is getting too old. The blockheads Can only support iOS 11 as of now.


Purple rain and better ways to lag.