Guess what will be in 1.8


Tc credit back!


If that happened, they would have to shut down the cloud. So, I don’t think that will be added


Depressed angels walking around your single and multi player world. If you attack them you die instantly. Not changeable. Not adjustable. You can’t change it even in custom (:<



A battle royale mode


Nothing, it removes all items and you are not allowed to play the app anymore.


Welp no point if the game is off, forum still running :running_man: Right?




How about better water logic

I might explain some idea concept as a topic maybe


Chicken nuggets


More stuff 4 pixel art


More containers to carry large tamed mobs (shark, cave troll)


I desperately wish bees, beehives and honey where added to the next big update. Maybe even beeswax if there was a use for it. And then we’d have to combine flour, milk, yeast and had be to get sticky buns :yum:. Oooh and salt and honey could make honeycomb :scream:. Ok I might need a snack.
Ooh and maybe a new flower that would attract the bees. Then to take them of course we’d need a smoke puffing tool that would require wood and leather and maybe an ember or a torch.
Ok I’m back. Daydream over. :grin:


Now that he already has pizza ovens in the game, Dave will probably add quadcopters next.


Surely new mobs! Bats, zombies, ghosts, slimes.
(Copying from Minecraft?) And I really want that we can go explore more places, under the lava?
And bosses, why not? A giant cave troll that lives deeper than the others in a dungeon?




We already have math. 1 block + 2 blocks = 3 blocks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess 1.8.1 will be in 1.8!


I guess everyone that reply in here will be in 1.8!


if they add in pandas…(has a love for them)