Guess what will be in 1.8


I came up with a genius idea… A $1,000,000 DLC pack that re-adds TC safes and tc server funding!

Over-compensating a bit? That’s the point!


Ik whats gobna happen
To mine a block it will cost u 100$
To kill a dodo it will cost u 200$
To make a sevrer it wil cost u 99999999999999999$


Make it free and that’s a great idea


Well other than bees and honey I still would like an archeology update as I mentioned in suggestions.


That’s a WiFi issue not- not something that can be fixed by the developer.

Won’t happen

Possible, although I don’t think chickens would be added when we already have dodos.


Perhaps? (Make a topic in the #suggestions category maybe?)

Again, topic in #suggestions.

Oof. No. Too big.

Possible and would be nice.

“Online dating” aka fake roleplay dating will happen reguardless. Just let 2 go to a table.

I do really like this though. Seriously put this in its own topic in #suggestions.


So… everyone in a server has WiFi problems at once?

I’ve also had many connection problems since 1.7 that I haven’t had as many in 1.6.


Aquariums to catch sharks! And more species in ocean! And last more to explore!


Steel cages to hold cave trolls

Iron cage + glass block = Glass container

To pick up sharks


IN the immortal words of Benedict Cumberbatch:



Add catapults (heavy weapons that throw strong, giant rocks at the target).


Maybe not… I’ve never had that happen for me though. Might be due to my lack of activity in game lately


1 . And 8
Will be in 1.8


It isn’t a WiFi issue. My husband works at home so we have the strongest fastest connection available. I still have issues on all the servers that I play on even when my family isn’t online.


Giants might be if br decides to still fund it and rh will most likely be


Mosquitoes (yay!)







Cave trolls can teleport through trade portals!

Situation 1

You could be shopping at any moment and boom, out of nowhere a cave trolls appears and starts attacking you just as you were selling your titanium boots. You exit to the menu startlingly, and come back only to see an unpleasant message: Welcome back! While you were away, Jeff_the_noob got 2 platinum coins and 47 gold coins, and was killed by steve_thealmighty_cavetroll, who took off with your spawn portal, your pizza oven, and your trade portal!

Situation 2

The father cave troll and his son are peacefully eating pizza next to their ancient level 101 sunstone trade portal. You approach them slowly, preparing an attempt to capture them. You remember you left your armor with your other four blockheads, (who are meditating at the spawn), but you dicide to take the risk. So you go for the child first, and succeed. Next up, is the father. Wait Where’d he go!?!? You finally realize what happened: the father cave troll has abducted and caged all other four of your blockheads, and is now trying to tame one with pizza, while you were so caught up in caging the baby cave troll!!!


Minor bug fixes!
Increase compatibility with Android tablets.


New block! - Waterstone!


Cave trolls are now able to do anything you can do! Even can use the chat!
Sand crabs can now control gravity!
New Max cave troll trade portal level: Pure solidified nitrogen level 1017!


More bug fixes!!!


Bored of playing The Blockheads on your iPhone?
Craft a bhPhone and download a fun game called ‘The Blockheads’ Blockheads’, so your blockhead could have the full experience of playing The Blockheads!


Test update just to make sure that this game is still valid to update.


Play as other mobs!


It will! :smiley:

I think steel ladders that don’t wash away in water will be added.


So that’s why you asked whether ladders wash away in water!

It might be very far-fetched, but I really hope space exploration comes out in 1.8, or any blockheads update for the matter. Well, one can only dream… (dream about the lag, that is.)

A more realistic guess would be the addition of rabbits. I was really surprised that rabbits wasn’t part of 1.7. After all, milla loves them so much, and we do have a couple rabbits in the community…