Guess what will be in 1.8


so true


I’m not sure if it was said yet or not, but letting amazon users play


Honey Cake!



Giant enemy scorpions :stuck_out_tongue:


Um let’s see…

  1. Stop the connection issue.
  2. Get it on PC.
  3. Add foxes (can only harm chickens and rabbits)
  4. Bug fixes
  5. Bagels
  6. Add rabbits (eats carrots)
  7. 64x world
  8. Filter Systems ignores accents to detect swearing, but show accents.
  9. Tables and Chairs (1 chair per table to prevent online dating, because this option helps school)
  10. Circumnavigation Reward:
    You CANNOT teleport during circumnavigation otherwise you cannot get your reward
    Spawn = Start line and finish line
    1/16 = 4tc
    1/4 = 20tc
    1x = 100tc
    4x = 500tc
    16x = 2500tc
    64x = 12500tx


Giant weird creatures that kill you when you get close :sauropod:


you mean… DINOSAURS?


I came up with a genius idea… A $1,000,000 DLC pack that re-adds TC safes and tc server funding!

Over-compensating a bit? That’s the point!


Ik whats gobna happen
To mine a block it will cost u 100$
To kill a dodo it will cost u 200$
To make a sevrer it wil cost u 99999999999999999$


Make it free and that’s a great idea


Blockheads dying when moving an atom >:]

And they are already dead due to the earth constantly moving…


Well other than bees and honey I still would like an archeology update as I mentioned in suggestions.


1.8 being an item you can hold but can’t play… due to a crash bug that lasts until 1.8.3


That’s a WiFi issue not- not something that can be fixed by the developer.

Won’t happen

Possible, although I don’t think chickens would be added when we already have dodos.


Perhaps? (Make a topic in the #suggestions category maybe?)

Again, topic in #suggestions.

Oof. No. Too big.

Possible and would be nice.

“Online dating” aka fake roleplay dating will happen reguardless. Just let 2 go to a table.

I do really like this though. Seriously put this in its own topic in #suggestions.


So… everyone in a server has WiFi problems at once?

I’ve also had many connection problems since 1.7 that I haven’t had as many in 1.6.


Aquariums to catch sharks! And more species in ocean! And last more to explore!


Steel cages to hold cave trolls

Iron cage + glass block = Glass container

To pick up sharks


Now it’s time for the rise of 1/2 worlds, 1/14 worlds 2x worlds, 6x worlds, 14x worlds and so on!


IN the immortal words of Benedict Cumberbatch: