Guess what will be in 1.8


GIF or ‘moving pics’ or ‘magical paintings’

Instead you have to pick two or a max of three pics, for one painting. You are given a preview before you can tap ‘confirm’

The painting just switches between pics in order




More overpowered AntiCheat in both Mac and Cloud servers.


1.8 Update

  • Cloud Services Shut Down
  • Bug Fixes


scuba diving equipment with maybe a head torch?
(inspired by daves surfing)


Why not it can produce light when you’re holding a torch/lantern


Sky events

Planet sightings
Galaxies for HD skies
Once every few months meteor showers
White fog/mist
Lunar eclipses (because sun an moon are never on the same side, so no solar eclipses can happen. Only lunar)
The blue moon or the large moon
Shooting stars
No moon


Griffins. Because there are already 2 mythical creatures, or maybe an anime troll or unicorns made out of illegal free tc hacks


Go on…


earthquakes that can destroy certain blocks…mwhahaha your server will troll you!


Insert shooting stars meme


Stuff and things!! Will be in 1.8


A new aquatic plant and animal
More uses for cherry, maple seed, lime (and other plants that have a few uses)
An animal to make super cold places less lonely


a wolf, perhaps?


-cough- polar bears -cough-

Maybe both -cough-


An in game trade system, where people ask for something and others will trade things for them using the trade portal


Laser sharks.


What about elevator shafts? You can “climb” on them.

Add more cold climate plants, mobs, a long with a mob that is paired up with flax.


Maybe more furniture…we could REALLY use some tables and chairs!!:slightly_smiling_face:It would be great if we also had couches and if we could paint coffee mugs and boats.


Better water physics
Less lag and glitches
No more hacks or glitches