Guess what will be in 1.8




what type of mods ???


I want to be able to paint all blocks including water and air.


The removal of air.


Farts that you can collect in the tin bucket.


The introduction of poop, a stinky brown block (dirt recolour with some white spots and emitting green smoke that reduces happiness) that reduces the blockhead’s speed when walking on it, can be burnt with magma, campfires, or embers so it turns into burnt poop (which is less stinky and burns well in furnaces), or even dried when exposed to deserts to turn into dry poop (emits nothing, but can also be burnt, causing black smoke, since burning feces causes air pollution) made when you eat too much food (same with all animals, but cave trolls instead defecate 1 gold nugget).


Water meter should be added…


Add another 100 blocks to the height limit and be allowed to build in space. The sky looks different and enclosed builds can contain air and warmth. Stars, planets and galaxies can be seen.

Fall from the world limit and 120 blocks downward, there’s a chance of getting heat damage from falling to quickly through the atmosphere.




A shop where you can pay for items using other items.
Example Sugarflop the fruit shop owners shop sells coffee beans for one dodo egg.


Wow what a funny joke


Make that a suggestion if you haven’t, that’s a pretty interesting concept.


Industrialised boats! We have trains! Refineries! Solar panels! Jetpacks! So why do we still have a boring old wooden boat with a shoddy sail? Yacht? Speedboat? Cruise ship? Giant floating turtle? All the same to me!


That’s the main joke right?


Aka the joke means it doesn’t come out. Because even on a leap year, there is not February 31st. Correct me if im wrong. Lol


i dont think there will be a 1.8, as milla has said, only bug fixes will be in the updates to come and a bug fix aint a 1.8


February only has 28 days and has 29 every leap year :joy:




I want there to be Foxes and Wolves that you can tame and use to hunt other animals and then they have their own little dens and food.


I agree.

P.S I’m not a furry.