Guide: Getting Around The Forums!


Getting Around here!

I’m going to skip all the talk I usually do when I make a thread. So I made this thread to help some of you around here.

There are eleven categories in which you can post in. They are as the following.

News & Announcements,
Usually the admins posted here. News about upcoming updates!

General Discussion,
For general discussion about Blockheads, such as talking about Blocklympics.

Post your server here! Banned players should pm the owners of the the server. If you need white listing post it in the appropriate thread.

Post your Blockheads Pictures! Keep it appropriate!

Suggest what you want in the game! Who knows it might be added! But remember one suggestion per thread, and please provide sufficient information when posting.

Ask a question about Blockheads, but first search up the question because it’s probably been answer before and we don’t want to spam.

Hints and Tips,
Don’t post hacks! You may get banned!

Bugs and Glitches,
If you found a glitch it’s best to report it first. And if you found a glitch don’t post how to perform it!

Bugs and Glitches: Android,
Same as above but only in Androids, @noodlecake

Talk about random things, but stay mature.

Discussion, questions, suggestions to the forums!

Those are the categories, their links, and what they are for!

You can change your avatar, signature, picture, etc in settings! Your profile shows all the latest things you have done! All the people that visted your page. It also shows what your friends posted!

I’ll update this later. Need to sleep.