Guide: How to set up a Mac server


Doesn’t matter. You can run servers on ancient computers. Wingy uses (used?) a 2006 Mac and performance in the server is fine.

Processing power - The app only uses one thread, and with a lot of servers takes ~25% of the CPU running that thread. If you have 4+ cores you shouldn’t notice it.
Memory - I’m guessing you mean disk space, worlds can get really big, but it takes a LOT of playing for that to happen.
RAM - Not really. The app is fairly lightweight.

Since the app only uses one thread, probably not.

Ditto. The app pauses servers that aren’t in use, so they shouldn’t affect much.


Thanks for the info, y’all.

Wumbo, if you’re still interested to know, it’s a 2017.


Oh, okay. I heard that the 2018 MacBook Air is slightly faster.


I used to use a 2009 MacBook. Now I use a 2006 Mac Pro. (Also now uses an SSD exclusively for BH worlds)


Nice guide, thanks for sharing.


Too confusing for me…


What would you like clarified? Or does the whole thing just seem too complicated?


the whole thing


Hehe, okay. It’s not for everyone.