Guide to creating a Guide


Guide to creating a guide

First of what is a guide,


A book, document, or display providing information on a subject or about a place.

[U]What makes a good guide?[/U]

It must be reliable. There’s no point in reading a guide that isn’t correct, for you can’t use the info.
It must be clear. If no one can understand it, no one can use it.
It must be useful. It got to do, what a guide out to do; be useful.

[U]How do i do that?[/U]

Reliable: Make sure it works, and check your data.
Clear: Make things easy to understand, split up the words into sections, use pictures if possible, nobody likes reading words after words after words.
Usefulness: Find out what people need and want help on.

Just remember guides have to be RCU.

Guides can either be detailed or simple,
a detailed guide has to be exhaustive, while a simple one could just include the main facts.

Remember to add tags and check for spelling mistakes, it makes it easier for players to find what they’re looking for.
And post the link to your guide here “The complete list of guides” to make it easier for me to add it. :smiley:

Examples of a good and bad guide:
The guides bellow on cave trolls shall be use as a example.

Good guide (Detailed):slight_smile:
Wiki did a pretty good job, so i’ll be using most of it in this example. original article

Guide to Cave troll
They are slightly bigger than a blockhead, and have blue skin, one red eye, and a mouth with visible teeth.

Where found
Cave trolls keep lairs in caves deep underground, beginning about 3/4 of the way from sea level to the core, which is about the same depth at which gold and diamonds begin to be found. The lair consists of two ice torches and a nearby golden chest, although it’s possible for only one ice torch to be present due to local stone formations. It is also possible to find a level one trade portal nearby.

A troll prefers to stand guard over its treasure between the two ice torches in its lair, but if trapped elsewhere (by luring it away and blocking its return) it will stand quietly until a path to either its lair or a blockhead becomes available.

If disturbed by a blockhead attacking or approaching too close, the troll will pursue the interloper. It is almost as capable of climbing (including ladders), jumping, swimming, and otherwise navigating a cave as any blockhead, although it moves slower, allowing most blockheads to escape. The only way blockheads can go somewhere a troll can’t is if there is a one-block-high tunnel the blockhead can enter or enough space to place (and disassemble after passing) a ladder that takes it out of reach.

If its target moves too far away from the troll, the troll moves too far away from its lair, or its target passes or makes a suitable barrier such as a door, trapdoor, or one-high gap, the troll will stop pursuing and return to its lair unless its return path is blocked.

A troll’s actions may occur after a delay, allowing the target blockhead to use a ranged weapon to attack and cause it to delay further.

When attacked, a troll will tip, roar, and right itself. After a troll attacks it will momentarily stop before attacking again.

It takes at least a dozen blows from the most powerful weapon available to bring one down, giving a troll ample time to retaliate. Even a ranged weapon used from a separated platform is little help, as trolls can climb as well as blockheads and respond to interlopers at bow range.

Yet with preparation, planning, and some quick responses, cave trolls can be defeated and their lairs looted in safety (e.g. by placing blocks strategically so that a blockhead can be beside the troll with a one-block gap formation and so can attack the troll without it attacking back). Just be ready to heal up afterward should things go wrong.

Attack strength
Trolls may be the most dangerous type of creature to fight in the entire game, as they are able to inflict terrible damage on even a blockhead wearing a full suit of iron armor.

Golden Chest, Ice Torch, and Trade Portal

They drop one piece of ice armor (at random) when killed.

The golden chest has improved chances of spawning with ingots and gems, and almost no chance of spawning with any sort of coins. The trade portal can be removed and placed elsewhere, as can the ice torches. The trade portal spawned with a cave troll has variable price offsets from global and local prices.

The first time a player defeats a cave troll, they acquire the achievement “Blue Fury.”

Bad guide:frowning:
This guide is fictitious. Any resemblance to real guides is purely coincidental.
The guide bellow isn’t real, do not, i repeat do not believe a thing it says.

Cafe troll guide
the cave troll can be found in the ocean close to shore, cave trolls far from shore will despawn.
Trolls are great swimmers trolls can remain submerged for a long period of time before resufacing, they’re able to swim faster then blockheads a boat is required when hunting them they will only take damge when they are hit be a worm. Golden submarines can be found following the troll close by, destroying them will cause a explosion, destroying most blocks in its path. the cave troll drops 99 worms on death.

I tried my best to make a good guide example and a bad guide example, it wasn’t as easy as i thought making a bad guide, it’s hard trying to say as much as possible when i’m saying nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to suggest improvements to this guide. :smiley:

The almost complete list of guides

This is just similar to “discussing a discussion” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways great job!


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Bad guide:

If you eat donkeys your blockhead will turn purple. I think.

This was a not-so-good tip because:

A) You need to ensure the info’s correct
B) You might want to include some more details
C) Posting fake tips on purpose isn’t a good idea. If it’s by accident, it’s okay.

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