Guide to hackers and griefers

So, in the past few years, hackers have risen to power as one of the greatest enemies in servers. There was a time when dropbears were dangerous, and cave trolls were so ridiculously hard to kill, ice armor was impossible to get without trade portals. Now, hackers are on the list of the top 5 most harmful things to the Blockheads. With more and more hackers trying to damage servers, here’s the complete guide to griefing hackers.

Some ground rules:

  1. I’m referring to script kiddies as hackers in this reference, though this is inaccurate.
  2. Real hackers can do almost anything. Most “hackers” are simple script kiddies, but the real deal is the most dangerous package. If you’re lucky, then these real hackers will be white hats, but most of the time, they’re negative (not black hats or gray hats, so I don’t have a category for them). Real hackers can do anything in code because they can edit the programming. Technically, if somebody put enough effort into destroying technological guards, they could break in. For example, Microsoft’s web page, which is highly protected, could be infiltrated. I’m not saying this is likely at all, but just keep in mind that hackers could possibly do it.
  3. Script kiddies are getting stronger and stronger every time an application is updated, so these real hackers can help them by allowing programming scripts into the client.
  4. The game is primarily client-sided, so it’s quite easy to hack into.
  • What they can do:
    Bypass iron doors and trapdoors.
    Fly without jetpacks.
    Create supershops (changing values)
    Infinite jetpack fuel
    Any items
    Free tp costs (vanilla)
    God mode
    One hit
    Unlimited amount of drinking coffee (max is 99999, the code breaks after you drink that)
    Break any block instantly or super fast, depends on which app
    You can see any defogged area
    Protection signs = OBSOLETE
    Removing any placeable items
    Create tc safes (entering IDs)
    Color items
    Visual items, such as edited graphics (fruit hat turns into leggings, boots into hat, etc)
    Duplicate instantly
    Dig backwall in caves
    Unban themselves (although normal players can use VPNs)
    Spawn unknowns
    Edit welcome messages
    Level 1 workbench phenomenon
    Remove spawn portals
    Access safes
    Make themselves admin or mod
    Make corrupted worlds
    Edit a item to item

There’s a lot more, I’ll add that if you need. I also have what they can’t do. Most can’t infiltrate the owner portals, but its been done.

How to prevent this:
Ban known hackers, and join the ROP. Use protection signs, because standard users can’t break those blocks. Try to hide your buildings, because most “hackers” can defog the area. Also, try layering your base with metals to create an artificial FoW. That way, even if hackers can destroy, they can’t find you.

If you’d like to add information to this post, feel free to do so (it’s a wiki post). Just make sure to have sources, proof, and add your name next to and edit or an addition.


While I get where you are coming from, this is generally false. While it’s true that maybe 0.0001% of the world could break into BH and alter whatever they want, nobody with the knowledge to do so would spend their time on that.

The most a “real” hacker can probably do is access your BH account… Sure, creating new items is technically possible, but it’s a MASSIVE pain.

I’ve also yet to see any hacker that can save changes to welcome messages.


Yeah, that’s what I was kinda trying to get across? That’s a better explanation of it, I guess, but I wanted to explain that it could be possible (though that 0.0001% is pretty accurate).

By the way, if you’d like me to send some proof about changing the welcome message, I’ll gladly do so.

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How do you know all this? (Implied question: Are you a hacker?)

I believe the burden of proof is on your turf, it’s not possible to prove something can’t be hacked. I’ve never seen proof that that has been hacked though.

Previous experiences (Implied answer: No, just did some research on it back in November 2014, I think. I really wanted badly to become a hacker, but quit after a while. Then, I met the forums)

@Bibliophile Proof sent.

Very true. But I think you mistaked on that.

This only happens if you banned the IP ADRESS,
Not the device.
Because you CAN ban the device, which doesn’t allow you to join the server, even if changing your username or IP ADRESS.
Because usually, VPN’s change your IP ADRESS.

So, if you ban them by their IP ADRESS, they will be able to join back if they have a VPN.

That’s for VPNs, yes, but their device can be unbanned through [censored].

You may PM me.

@Celadon, I don’t see any reason to spread around a method to unban devices, even if you are asking people not to use it.


Dude one hacker come in my world. I don’t know how he kill my 5 face trolls and make portal blocks and much more things. Now I m find finding a world so Plzzz tell me ur world name

Sorry I don’t see it lol :joy:

@JBugsArmy, please review the community rules:

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Sorry, a little off topic, but how does that make fog of war?

You know how when lots of blocks are built together, they create a sort of black space? Make a lot of that FoW. If you don’t understand I can post images

I think I understand, but wouldn’t they still be able to see the interior of the base? And for that matter, why does it have to be metals?

A protection against nonhackers, but that’s fairly irrelevant. And yes, they would, but depending on how much light you have, your base can be slightly hidden.

The best way I’ve found to hide a base is to make it out of basalt in a valley, then fill in the valley. The black backwall makes it look like there’s nothing there at all from the map. :wink:


So @JbugsArmy, in one single post you managed to

  • break the rule on being curteous and polite by telling someone you hate him
  • break the rule on not correcting anybody’s english. And at the same time embarrassing yourself by making a stupid mistake😀
  • tell everybody a trick how they can unban themselfes

I hate to break the news, but there is no badge awarded for those “achievements”…

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You probably should not post on how to unban your account as anyone can see this thread.