Guide to Safety with Creatures (Wiki)

This is the ultimate guide to creatures. It has (or will have, by the time it is finished,) information on all of the currently 7 (I believe) NPC/mob/creatures in the game (dodo, donkey, fish, dropbear, shark, scorpion, and cave troll), including some of the best/most efficient/safest ways to kill them. In addition, the posts are wiki posts, so if you have information to add, please do!

Note: if someone would find out how many hits it takes to kill each creature with each tool, that would be great!
Note 2: This post is not a wiki post. It is the introduction to the thread. The next 2 posts contain the creatures ([URL=]reply 1 is peaceful, [/URL][URL=]reply 2 is hostile[/URL]).
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Mobs FAQ - by Fizz


Peaceful Creatures


Producing/Where to Find 2 methods: - eggs - apple trees
Trapping Remember, this animal does not spawn underground with apple trees unless there is another dodo or egg already there. The best way to get tons of dodo meat and feathers is to create a farm. First, find a place not underground unless the background is removed (see [here]( Plant apple trees (compost is highly recommended), and wait. You will soon have a lively farm of dodos!
Killing (Safely) - Hand: 4 hits


Producing/Where to Find - Kelp - fish bucket
Trapping info here (see shark trap, same concept)
Killing (Safely) info here (see shark trap, same concept)


Producing/Where to Find Carrots
Trapping Spawn 'em with carrots. Remember this doesn't work underground unless the background is removed (see [here]( or another donkey is already there.
Killing (Safely) - Hand: 8 hits
More information [URL=]Info About Donkeys (thread)[/URL]
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Hostile Creatures


The dropbear is most likely the first hostile animal you will come across in the game. It is small (about 1 block in size), dark grey, and has glowing red eyes. Dropbears live in trees and will drop down on the player during night time, attack them, and retreat to a tree. They can also be found in other trees if they go there after attacking a player or having their tree cut down. They will die when their tree is burned down or when hit by a player enough times, or by drowning. When killed, dropbears provide 0-2 leather and 0-2 fur.

Producing/Where to Find

Dropbears can be found naturally on any decent-sized pine tree in the game (they are the only farmable creature that will spawn underground without needing another already there to spawn).

To farm dropbears, it is recommended to place compost so that the pine trees will not die, and suspend the compost at least 2 blocks above the ground/floor so that the dropbears cannot fall and attack the player.

Trapping * Dropbears cannot jump up or down slopes greater than one block downward for every block vertical. This means any 2 block high wall or dropoff, dropbears will be stopped at. * Dropbears cannot travel through doors (neither wooden nor iron) or trapdoors, so any door/trapdoor is a wall that will block dropbears * Dropbears cannot move in water. If a dropbear falls off a tree into water, the dropbear will be incapable of moving. * **Excluding Hard NPCs in Custom Rule Worlds**: Dropbears will not jump off of trees to attack players when the dropbear and player is lit up (well), whether by natural (sun) light or by ice torches, basic torches, or oil or steel lanterns.

The above four methods can be used separately or jointly to build a trap for dropbears. The safest method of trapping dropbears involves simply placing pine trees in compost only on blocks that are suspended above the ground by at least one block, and often also in a well lit area. This prevents the dropbears from attacking a blockhead regularly (because the blockhead can travel beneath the block the tree is on, and the dropbear cannot jump down the ledge), and also prevents the dropbears from attacking the player if they do stand on top of the block (because of the light). If NPCs are set to hard difficulty, dropbears will attack players even if they do stand on the block.

The above is an image of the most efficient dropbear trap/farm system.

Killing (Safely) The safest way to kill a dropbear is to first trap it (somehow: the method above is recommended) and then attack the dropbears that spawn in the tree with a bow and arrows. However, this can be an expensive use of bows and arrows. Another way to kill dropbears is to take an iron or titanium sword, climb the tree (being careful to climb only on branches, and not on the trunk of the tree - this can be done by placing ladders as seen in the picture in the "trapping" section) and then stopping just beside the dropbears and attacking them with your sword. Since they die in one hit, the will not be able to attack you after you hit them.


Sharks are the second most common hostile animal in the game. They are found often in oceans, and can range from smaller than one block in size to well over 4. The larger the shark, the more damage it does and the more hits it takes to kill. If a shark grows large enough, it will despawn and not drop anything. If a shark is disconnected from water for long enough, it will despawn and not drop anything. If a shark is killed by a player, it will drop 1 shark jaw and an amount of fish ranging from 1-10. If the shark is large enough, it will also drop one piece of random clothes (excluding pole items and armor) that has a random amount of wear and tear and is a random color.

Producing/Where to Find

There are two ways to spawn sharks.

  1. Shark buckets: acquire a shark bucket (either from collecting a shark by tapping a baby shark with a bucket, or purchasing one from a trade portal/shop). Then tap anywhere and the shark, along with one block of water, will be placed. If the shark falls somewhere that does not have eough water, it will die.
  2. Kelp: Sharks can spawn as long as there is a 10x10 area of water, and kelp is growing in that area. First fish will spawn - then will come sharks. Originally they will spawn as babies, but they will grow larger as time passes. Sharks can also spawn in oceans where this is already the case.
Trapping * Sharks will travel up and down slopes along the top/bottom of an enclosure as long as those slopes are one block vertically for every horizontal blocks (no slope greater than 1, 1). * Sharks will turn around when they reach a wall that they cannot tilt and travel above or beneath * Sharks will chase blockheads * **Remember**: Water heated by benches (camp fires, kilns, furnaces, metalwork benches, and/or steam generators) will heal a blockhead. This will not have any effect in worlds where health is set to one-hit-kill.

The above three points can be used to trap sharks. This is most easily done by constructing a large tank and filling it with water, first. The tank must be larger than 11x11 blocks inside. Even larger tanks are recommended. Also, all floor space is recommended to be made of compost so that kelp planted in it will not die.
Next, construct an outlet (before you remove any of the wall) from the building that contains a trench one block deep. Make sure there is a block placed at the end. (See the picture below. Note the outcrop filled with water that has a lot of sharks in it.)
Third, remove the block on the same horizontal level as the wall at the edge of the area you just built (where all the sharks will be collected). Also, remove the block directly below that. Be careful not to let any water leak out of your enclosure, except for into the extension (where it should stay, not flow out of: again, see the picture below).
Fourth, build a series of 1x1slopes inside the enclosure that are 3-4 square blocks in size. Have the side nearest the wall be the top if the slope is below the collection area, or be the bottom if the slope is above the collection area. Have each slope be staggered to keep the sharks moving downward (they wll follow the sope, remember).
Next, place heat-generating benches along the are beneath the zone where the sharks will collect. If you are in a one-hit kill world this is unnecessary, but if not this will heal you as the sharks attack you.
Finally, plant kelp on the bottom of the tank, and on each block of the slope if you desire.

An example of a shark trap. Notice all of the slopes inside the tank that lead to the funnel zone. These will cause all the sharks to swim toward that point, where they will then congregate and grow until they are ready to be killed.

More Reading:
Shark Trap Evolution (thread)

Killing (Safely) After constructing the shark trap explained above, it is rather simple to kill sharks with little to no risk of death. Armor is still recommended, in case there are a lot of sharks in the water. However, simply enter the water and attack sharks with a sword to kill them. If they attack you, your blockhead will be healed by the warm water. (**Note**: you will be instantly killed in one-hit-kill worlds. Do not expect to heal. Instead, try not to enter the water at all. This is easiest to do if you only select sharks on the very top space of water and are wearing a jetpack or have stairs all over right above the collction point of all the sharks. Be sure not to enter the water. If a shark swims downward, deselect it and hop above the surface as quickly as you can.)


Scorpions are the hardest animal in the game to fight, mainly because they have a ranged attack. Fortunately, they can be killed without getting within range. Scorpions are a bright green color that glows at night. They have a melee attack with their tail, and a ranged attack where they fling poison at blockheads nearby. They primarily do this at night unless in a world where the NPC difficulty is set to hard. When killed, scorpions drop 1-2 poison.

Producing/Where to Find

Scorpions will spawn rarely where there is cactus planted. Cactus is grown by planting prickly pears. Patience is necessary when trying to spawn scorpions because it typically takes a long time before they will spawn. It is also recommended your cactus is planted in compost or it may die before even a single scorpion spawns.
Scorpions are also naturally found in deserts in large quantities upon world creation.

Trapping A scorpion trap can be made fairly simply (compared to a shark trap). What is required is one large room (without backwall) where scorpions will spawn. Next, a water tank needs to be built above and slightly to the side of the farm room. To protect your blockhead, it is recommended that there is a shaft for the water to drain down with an angle of at least 90° (if the water "pipes" make a Z shape it should definitely be safe). Plant prickly pears at every other block in the farm area. When scorpions have spawned, release the water and let the scorpions drown. It is recommended that you have another tank that will collect the water after this (the tank must be blocked off when you drown the scorpions), with a collection area so you can easily collect all of the water. An example scorpion farm. Notice the water tank, which is prepared to flow down 3 switchbacks (to protect the player from ranged shots) and how it is prepared to flow into a lower tank for collection. Also be aware that this many stairs causes lag.
Killing (Safely) info here

Cave Trolls

The most sought-after creature in the game, the cave troll is a blue monster that spawns in caves deep beneath the surface. They typically spawn with 2 ice torches and a treasure chest, and occasionally spawn with a level 1 trade portal as well. Killing them drops 1 random piece of ice armor.

Producing/Where to Find

Caves that are below the line marking halfway between ocean and magma

Trapping * cannot maneuver through spaces only one block tall * susceptible to drowning

Build right up next to the cave troll a tunnel one block high. Make sure there is ablock directly below and above the one empty space where your blockhead will crouch to attack the troll.

Alternatively, flood the troll’s lair. Make sure the troll is underwater.

Killing (Safely) Have your blockhead sit in a space with a block directly below and above it. If the cave troll is right beside you, hit it with your hand or a sword. Otherwise, shoot it.

Alternatively, flood the troll’s lair. Make sure the troll is underwater, and eventually it will drown.


[details=Producing/Where to Find]Information[/details]

Producing/Where to Find


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