Guide to Surfacing a Cave Troll

In this guide, I will be showing you how to safely surface a Cave Troll.

Here’s what you will need/recommendations


  • I recommend minimum 20 cooked dodos or 99 of any fruit - basically you do not want to starve while surfacing or die from the cave troll hits.
  • About 20 coffee cups for when your blockhead becomes tired. Coffee cherries and beds are also an option.


  • I recommend 10 titanium armour sets (chest plate optional if jetpack is available) for beginners but if you wish, you can use regular clothing.


  • A pickaxe of your choice (preferably titanium)
  • A bow and arrow.


  • Stone (x10)

Let’s get started!

###Step 1
Find a troll and name him Bob :grinning:
@Ronnie, a well known forum member was kind enough to give me this troll for this guide - thanks to him this guide was made possible.

This troll was very close to lava which made surfacing him a bit harder as he was further down. The closer to the core, the more difficult it will be to surface them - and more time consuming.

###Step 2
Plan your path. Nothing is worse than guiding your cave troll in the wrong direction.
Cave trolls cannot go through 1x1 narrow horizontal tunnels. You will have to make it wider. 2 blocks high is the minimum they can go through.

They can even jump from one block to another which helps if there is a large hollow area in the caves or if you want to bring him over to the other side of the tunnel.

###Step 3
Put on your armour and your jetpack. Then begin by tapping 15 blocks away from the cave troll and let it follow you. Block off the mine behind the troll so that it can not go back to the original location. If and when the cave troll stops following your blockhead, simply use your bow and shoot at it once. Try to avoid this as much as possible as not to harm the delicate troll. Too many shots and the cave troll will die.

Within a few minutes, you will be done and your cave troll will be seeing sunlight for the first time!

Some tips:

Remember to eat if your health is low. It only takes a few taps for a troll to completely kill your blockhead.

Armour and jetpacks also break very quickly when hit by a cave troll/ Switch out damaged armour and jetpacks to play it safe!

Stay energised by taking a coffee break or sleeping in a safe area.
You can sleep by blocking off the troll so that it can not attack you.

Cave trolls can climb ladders and use elevators. They cannot use doors or trapdoors of any kind. Use this to your advantage

The troll will continue to follow you once you have reached the surface, so make sure that you build a lovely home before you bring it out of the cave!

(Thank you to Ingeniare and PhoenixMage for the last two hints suggestions!)

Once you are done, take a picture with your new friend, build it a home, gift it to a friend or even feature it in your spawn buildings! The possibilities are endless.

Happy cave troll surfacing!


Very cool guide! However when I surface my trolls I never hit them, I feel like it will just get harmed unnecessarily since they always seem to follow if you block the way to their home cave. The screenshots are awesome!

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I also want to note that if you start flying, the troll may stop following you. I usually don’t use a jetpack so I can make sure that the paths are clear enough for the troll and so that it will follow me all the way up without stalling.

@Smeeglefied you should also add that trolls can climb ladders and use elevators, and that they cannot go through doors or trapdoors of any kind. So a quick way to lead it up could be to scout out the path you’re planning to take and place ladders or elevators to help you get it up faster, since trolls do tend to take their time.

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Very nice guide! Thanks for this :slight_smile:

One thing I might suggest adding – the troll will continue to follow you on the surface! Especially if you’re on a server, it’s a good idea to build a house/containment building of sorts for it before you go troll-hunting or attempt to surface a troll. Make sure you leave a space for the troll to enter, then seal it up when it’s inside. That way, you can immediately focus on getting the troll to its place, rather than building it a home while the cave troll is wandering behind you.

There’s less chance of you getting hurt by the troll, or of the troll getting hurt by other players. Once it’s contained, invest in a protection sign (if you can) so your new troll is safer!

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Thank you for the suggestions @Ingeniare and @PhoenixMage! I will update the OP :slight_smile:

When you have a long way to go it takes a lot of time to lure a troll. So it pays off to lead two of them at the same time. And you might want a little comfort instead of walking all the way. So here is my suggestion (I think I posted this before):


This guide just got featured on FB.


Thanks for sharing it Milla!

Great guide. I’m gonna see if I can get a few trolls lol. Nobody in my server has found a troll yet

I have done this a bunch on tons of different servers, and I have found that the quickest way is to use an elevator or ladder. The troll will use them and all you need is a straight up/down path and a ton of ladders. You might also want some coffee though. All do need to do is block it’s home path and it will follow you (no need to hurt it). Soon it will be to wherever you want it.

I just had to tame the troll and ride it. It took a lot of time but no one was harmed!

Wow, you’re very lucky to be alive!

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Did you know that speeding up time makes the cave trolls a lot more scarier? (Sleeping/meditating)