Guide to Survive!

I made a unofficially thread How to do that as me joining in many server they finding hacker for portal chest and awesome stuffs. While they dont care about hacking Tc safes and glitchy stuff.

Here tips and guide to Survive? Build? Craft? Finding gems,troll and diamond gem tree from sky?

Survive? Build? Craft? Making money? And Finding gems in cave or sky island.
If u going to make a server be sure not using Tc safe or hacked Tc as same right to make a nice and beautiful server :slight_smile:
Make some craft benches to make starter house and some torches and stuck some foods.
After doing the second thing go to anywhere caves you can go and place some torches to finding blocks, ores, and gems including the troll. Stuck torches to your inventory and you could go to the cave. Me my opinion watch ads and craft portal to place in the the cave when you out of torches or lights in a a cave.

After doing the exploring or your job in the cave. Time to upgrade your benches or make some benches like furnace or kiln for Ores and Ingots Tipping you while upgrading or crafting something free to watch ads so watch it while making something.
After you upgrading or crafting. Make money, Tools, Stuck lights and upgrade the portal when you find lots of gems or Update your spawn and house to bigger :slight_smile:
To find a diamond in a cave. Stuck lights in your inventory and Tools then explore again in the cave. While doing that Tips is digging deeper to find a huge or little cave to see some rare gems.
When you find a diamond hard way or easy way time to upgrade your portal. This is for the vanilla server because in custom you can customize your set items. When you building tries your imaginations and using everything creation blocks with beautiful paints and designs.

Thanks for Reading these guys to survive without Hacking and Tc hacking too. This Thread for our community and to avoid bad things :blush:

If you guys don’t like this tips and guide and unofficial thread you may closed it or just comment to change something or add something :slight_smile: Thanks for your patient!

This Thread is for both single player or multiplayer servers but the server will be Vanilla :slight_smile: for finding diamond and crafting portal chest. Including to watch ads so you may earned 20 Tc per 30 sencond and its for to upgrade Portal trade portals and portal chest to make portal too. Thank you!!

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I feel bad for asking this, but could you rewrite it, I got confused on some parts and had to reread it a few times to understand what you meant. I think it might be the grammar because I’m very used to my english class where we have to use the right grammar or we get points deducted.

I’m sorry >-<

Yeah ur right with the grammar hehe Im sorry too

It’s okay! I always feel so bad when I ask someone to explain or fix grammar because I feel so mean >.<

Nah its okay. I know sometimes my grammar really wrong :joy::joy: but I love doing it when im bored :slight_smile:

Edit: Can i pm you?

No need to say unofficial- a guide will suffice. It’s great!

Ohh okay thanks for reminding I’ll gonna change little bit tho :slight_smile: