Guide to the Pause Menu


I mean… I’m pretty sure everybody knows how to open the pause menu. XD

This is a guide to the pause menu:

  • Exit to Menu:
    Exits to the menu from a Cloud or Mac Server.

  • Get Time Crystals:
    Between the purchases of Time Crystals, there are also deals to get free tc.

One being getting 50 TC for sharing a link or following the Facebook.

20 for watching a tc video, which are the correct way to get free tc other than the Facebook and link sharing.

Note: The link sharing is removed as of 1.7.

  • View Achievements
    This shows the Game Center Achievements that earn points. There are currently 91 achievements, all from 1.0-1.6 achievements.

Note: The achievements are fully unsupported now.

  • Help/Credits:
    Including the beginnings, crafting, what to do next, multiplayer, support, and a credits category.

  • Links:
    The Twitter page
    The Facebook Page
    The Blockheads App Page
    Blockheads Forums (this XD)

  • Options:
    Restoring double time which restores the purchase if it is not on the Apple ID.

Classic look: On/off

Control Options for the D-Pad:

  • Ride Control: Tilt/D-Pad
  • Blockhead D-Pad: On/off
  • D-Pad Side: Left/right

Audio Options:

World Options:

Server credit adding (Cloud only) maximum credit 120 days unless added between 90-119 days.

Viewing Welcome Message, which is to view the welcome message, and admin only, allows editing the welcome message.

PvP enabling and disabling which is also admin only.

What’s Custom only allows editing the rules (not the generation rules) these include:


Infinite Health, Easy, Normal, Hard, One Hit Kill


Always Full, Normal, Fuller, Always Full


Sadder, Normal, Happier, Always Happy

Clothing Decay

Faster, Normal, Slower, No Decay

Tool Decay

Faster, Normal, Slower, No Decay


No Death, No Rip, Normal, No Generation, Die on Exit

Death Drops

All Items, Some Items, No Items

Max Blockheads

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Spawn Items

Edits the 7 slots with nothing, default, or a custom item from 1-99 (not including baskets, baskets are only one), which allows blocks, organic/food, tools/weapons, clothing/armor, ore/ingots, crafted/misc, high-tech, and coins.

Npc/Mob difficulty

Passive, Normal, easy, hard

Trade Portals

Normal, Disabled, Buy Only, Sell Only, Everything Free, Jobs Only

Trade Portal Prices

4x Higher When Buying, 10% Higher When Buying, Buy and Sell Prices Equal

Trade Portal Items

Require Discovery, All items available

Day/‘Night Cycle

Slower, Normal, Faster

Sun Color

Sets the sun color differently based on the red, blue and green options, which can be set from 0.0-2.0

World Modification

Enabled, Admin Only, Disabled

Pole Items

Respawns and Wears Out, One Only and Lasts Forever


Enabled, Requires Diamond Portal, Disabled


Enabled, disabled

Privacy (cloud only) which sets Public, Searchable, or Private.

Password (cloud only) which enables/disables the password, or changes it.

Well, that’s my guide. Mostly directed to new users.

1.7 looks great! Thanks for reading! :blush:

Extra Notes:

  • User Colors:

    • No Color: Regular User
    • Green: Moderator
    • Admin: Administrator
    • Yellow: Owner
    • Red: Super Admin
  • Update Notes:

    • 1.6.1 originally came out with Custom Rules
    • 1.7 added some to Trade Portal rules, and entirely new rules being: mediation, teleportation, death stops, Trade Prices, and Trade Portal items.
    • 1.7 also has HD textures free, and always it to be enabled under “Classic look”.
    • 1.7 added the D-Pad.
    • 1.7 has the audio in a new section.
    • Expert and Custom mode serve with the same custom rules, but expert being much harder either way.

Problem with trains

No problem!


I thought the limit was 90 days with a roll over that would technically allow just under 120?


I’m pretty sure the maximum is 120 unless it was between 90-119, so it’d add up to 120-149,


uhh how do u get to pause menu.

Disable teleportation! YAy!


Obviously. Still, I’m waiting until the last minute to add it. Only like 12 hours! IT’S SOOOOO CLOSE!!


The update comes out at midnight for me…

10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

HAPPY 1.7!

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Are u gonna fix this? Just asking :wink:

Theres more

From expert modeSpoilers alert!


Me too! Who even cares about new year’s when 1.7 is coming out?


I’m editing the pause menu stuff now. :slight_smile: