Is there a guide that lists what each item can be used for? Like flax seed can be used for food, oil…?

Thank you for your time!

Hi! And welcome back!

I relied on Blockhead Wiki A LOT when I started. There’s a search bar on the top right. Every entry has information on where to find the item, how to craft the item, benches it can be crafted in/used to craft other items, etc.

I don’t know how much its contents has been updated since the last game update, but the majority should still be pretty accurate.

I hope it’s useful for you too :3

Here’s a link:

Very helpful! Hopefully someone will update the wiki for the newer items too. I’ll be using that often. Thank you NYCCI

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Isn’t the search bar broken?

I don’t believe so? I tried it when I sent the link and again just now. Seems fine :+1: