I don’t know if someone already sugested this but,I think there should be guns.And don’t say that’s inappropriate because us kids(I’m acutely a kid)don’t care.So anyway, a pistol is made with 3 iron, 1 gunpowder(when sulfur ore[a new ore]is broken it drops 3-6 gunpowder),button(stone in crafting table), and a barrel(3 iron in gun crafter[6 iron+workbench=gun crafter]).Bullets are 1 iron in a gun crafter.10 Bullets+stone=Magizine in a gun crafter.Bullets=1 shot.Magizine=50 shots.And last but not least,the shotgun is same as pistol+3 wood,need slugs to fire(3 bullets=1 slug), and the machine gun is same as a pistol+magizine(both in gun crafter).But shotgun does 5 damage when target is 3 blocks away,pistol does 1 damage when target is 10 blocks away, and machine gun does 1 damage per second from 10 blocks away.I hope I got everything.If I didn’t tell me in the comments and most importantly I hope they add it to the game and I hope you guys like it!


Inappropriate,this would raise the age rating.

I know it would!But if you acutely read the suggestion I said me and my friends(KIDS!)don’t care!!!Can I get at least one positive comment!

I do care,virtually everyone on these forums would,AND parents would.
And you and your kid friends wouldn’t be allowed to play it legally.

If this were the reddit i would strongly downvote this idea, I don’t really like the idea of violence in a game for all ages. I know there are swords, BUT i use them properly to butcher dodos or cave trolls, not kill others.

Thank you for not being a jerk like gorka something,but the pistol and shotgun would perferly used to hunt but the machine gun would work on pvp servers.

Some people do. My father would sue the game for this…

Proof from the awesomator himself.

Not only the fact that the age rating could go up, but also adding the guns you are talking about would feel out of place. And another thing is, a machine gun for pvp? There would be sooo many trollers just hurting the new people in servers. But if guns were to be added, I would want guns that are flint-lock or bolt-action, so they are not too overpowered.

If there’s one thing I don’t want in the Blockheads,it’s guns.
1)AGE INAPPROPRIATE-If there were guns,the age rating would go up to 17+,just like BlockheadBean said.
2)Don’t forget those trollers and griefers!Add guns,make a pub world relating to guns,=total disaster area.
I personally do not want guns.**Kids play this game too,ya know!!**I hate violence,and I’m a pre-teen!(I probably will always hate violence.It can give me nightmares.)

We don’t really need more pvp items in the game anyways…
We already have:
-iron swords
-bronze swords
-flint spears
-bows and arrows
-good ol’ hands :slight_smile:

So adding guns in the game would be pretty worthless, considering the other options…

Oh and gollark wasnt being a jerk, but just pointing out the obvious

I think we should just muskets that have flaws that will make people unappeased to them. For those who want guns make it but:
-It had to reload which takes a minute
-Only shoots once
-Has a lot of smoke puff out
But at least it would knock the person back a few spaces and hurt them quite a bit. But your blockhead gets into a stance that shows they will fire.
Maybe the musket will just look cartoony, if we have old guns they shouldn’t 'to look that threatening.

the rating would still have to be raised though…

If there are guns I will [U]definitely[/U] stop playing The Blockheads even if it`s my very best game I ever played.

If there were guns, I will definitely stop playing The Blockheads, even if it’s the best game I ever played.

Maybe other kids care.
And by the way, The Blockheads is not a fighting game.

[I]“If you want guns, make a mod for it.”
-Minecraft forums

[/I]I’m not comparing this game to Minecraft or anything, but I don’t think everyone would like the violence of guns in the game. And server owners find are already having problems with Pvp and just can’t put up with it anymore (well, unless your server is specific for Pvp). And I doubt it that Majicdave is going to put it in the game. But if you want it that badly make a mod yourself.

(LOL300MC) Guns, Guns, Guns!
(Bilster) No, No, No!

Who in the world would want guns in the Blockheads?! This is the Blockheads, not Deepworld. We already have weapons in the game, such as spears, swords, bow and arrows, and, most importantly, our hands. Besides, adding guns would restrict players from going on this game due to a rising of the rating. I would suggest suggesting something else.

Guns, guns, GUNS. We already have tons of weapons in this game! Like others may have said, guns might make the rating rise. I have a feeling we have a lot of kids that play this game (Such as me). You and your friends might not care, but I bet other players and parents would care.
EDIT; Also, not everyone hates the idea. We just want to share our opinions.

Guns are not for kids, like me! And it is illegal in where I live so I don’t think guns are a good.

I love how some people don’t care if explosives are added but guns no that is too much really this game is great also maybe machine guns could help you kill a mega troll you attach them to a plane like Godzilla maybe it could spawn once per world breaking blocks and hitting like a small truck