Hacked portal ...... Need. Stoping now

Hi. Ok. I’m adding a poll I seriously think hacked portals are getting out of control.
I think that a fix should be put in to prevent the continued use of them. How I have no idea , but I pulled up an old thread , if u have no voted yet please do so , my poll will be to actually get this put into place hopefully for the next up date , if It’s agreed lol. Fingers crossed


Wat r they?

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You do realise that if Dave could fix them (and was willing to delay 1.6.1’s content) he probably would roll out a fix? They’re created through a process outside of Dave’s control. If they COULD be stopped I’m quite sure they would be.

They’re trade portals where you can buy 100 of everything for 2 cc. Also, please remove your Tapatalk signature, they’re no longer allowed.
@Cherry, why is this in suggestions?

ermm I thought that it should go there lol. I was suggesting that we get a fix for portals I guess :slight_smile:

Rumor has it that in 1.6.1 Dave will allow customized worlds where everything in the Trade Portal is free, but Portal Chests will not be craftable in such worlds. (Source? I think it was a Minecraft You tube video where Dave mentioned it, but I have not confirmed this)

If this rumor is true, it will probably make the Hacked Trade Portals a little less of a novelty… although people will still use them to export stuff to other worlds. Personally, I hope there is a fix for it. If not - well, there’s always the “No Portal Chest” option.

Ohh ok that sound a good as a fix as one can get lol … Taps fingers can’t wait for update lol

I agree that they should be stopped and that people who are seen giving them out or using them on their server should be banned and have all portals taken.It’s also the same problem with the tim crystal hack,How you can get them for free or glitch them.With out him getting payed by people buying them or viewing videos then he cant earn a living which means he can’t update or do anything for the blockhead players.The cheaters and hackers are just destroying this whole community,Its also making other people leave and not helping people to discover this game as it’s just a hacker and cheaters paradise.I can’t explain and say this enough but we need the hacked trade portals and the hacked who get free TC and glitch it to go.And to be banned from this awesome game that Dave started.

Do you really think that Dave wouldn’t fix them if he could?
Maybe it’s a situation where Dave fixed them in 1.6.1 but hasn’t released it yet because he’s working on the fancy customisation.

I think this suggestion is redundant. See Gollark8’s post.

Oh Sry, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Tapatalk app, it reset my settingd, Sry. Thanks for explaining.

No problem :smiley:

It really messes up the economy. Prices are rising, just because of these stupid hacked trade portals. It messes up the prices of things normal, law-abiding Blockheadians’ stuff. -_- If anyone uses these, stop now and throw them in lava - do not give them to a friend, who may be tempted to use one.

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He already said he would, Lorin, :wink: you forgot to look at the above posts.

And really, Skeeve? (I find that hard to believe) as in, it would be sort of like a creative world…?

Yes. I watched the video with my shiny VPN :smiley:
The prices (probably) won’t affect the others, 0 can’t hurt the economy much.
As long as you don’t place it after other numbers not separated by decimal points.

Oops >.<

Thx for letting me know <.< >.>

-read all the above messages- I use hacked trade portals, and I don’t really see why they are that bad. Prices are not rising to highly (unlike 1.5 when there were no platinum coins and the price of a Diamond pick were so high you couldn’t put enough money in your baskets to buy it.)

I need someone to give a really good reason to get rid of it. They’re very useful

Baskets used to be 2 copper coin. Now they are around 10 gold coins. This is because of hacked trade portals, and people buying them at the hacked trade portal.
They were never meant to be in game. It’s morally wrong.
Even if they aren’t that high, it’s making the people who want to use the regular trade portals harder to buy things, as the prices are still inflating.

[edit] Also, there’s a creative mode coming, so you can just wait for that. It won’t destroy the economy.

I mean… if you want to use those hacked portals, go to your sp world, turn wifi off and go buy as much as you want and transfer it to the server you play. If Portal Chests arent allowed, go to another server where they are allowed.

Even better, don’t use them.