Hacker and griefer alerts PM invite


This isn the ‘gateway’ to be invited to the official group PM of hacker alerts. If you ant to be Invited just say you do.


A hacker was on a server called mud meadows I believe. He had godmode.


Then why report it if it never happened?


You know what I meant. I made a typo. I meant to say was.


I think it would be better if this thread was a group PM so it doesn’t get sent to the dump category like the original thread.

Also, you should put Giants on the list as repaired or something like that.


If it’s a group pm invite me


Wait so is it group pm or thread I’m confused


Same for me


would like to join group dm too :slight_smile:


Its a thread in which he is asking that do u want to be in his hacker alert pm


What’s up, hacker alert nation
I’m your host, FlammingFrater
Let’s go right into the hacker reporting