HACKER joined the server

It was but a peaceful day on the server until a person came proclaiming he was from another server which contains a lot of people like him who refer to themselves as hackers

hackers can fly even though they have no jetpacks they can duplicate items that a mere normal player can’t.

The person proclaiming to be a hacker warned the players to be ready for a raid but on one condition the owner of the world will make them administrators if so he shall cancel the raid.

The owner didn’t agree for he is knowledgable enough to not trust this kind people but ofcourse the owner finally agreed he will make them administrators.

this was a mistake cause by the owner the hacker instantly began to destroy and until he was banned.

his work left a mark on the server making it look like a wasteland but ofcourse the players began rebuilding the spawn and make it even more beatiful

the hacker left a message that said he will come back…

the server I’ve been frequently joining has been grief so i made a story about it :slight_smile:

be aware of the server [redacted] they are a bunch of hackers that destroyed the server i’ve been playing at.

The owner can request for a rollback for the server.

it’s a good thing though
the spawn can be rebuild anew and beautiful

ah I see,ok then

Some advice: If anyone threatens to grief/hack the server ban them IMMEDIATELY. Ban their IP too. Don’t wait till they start griefing. It’s not worth it


Im pretty certain there is a server specifically made for hackers, where destroying everything is allowed, etc. Im unsure of the name as when i came by, i didnt think much of it. Chances are they are using a modifed version of the game.

They could always use a VPN to bypass the IP ban.

What are the hackers names?

We don’t permit naming and shaming here.

I’m moving this out of the Meta forum, which is for discussion of the forums themselves.

Okay. I didn’t know that rule. Sorry

I thought so :slight_smile:

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hmm may i ask what they were duping

they merely destroyed spawns and other buildings near it.
and to be honest the spawn looks kinda old and needs to be renovated so it is a win win


Getting it rebuilt and destroyed again the next day ain’t that much fun tho…

true seeing your hardwork being destroyed just like that is a pain but it’s just a game so I try not to connect my feelings to much and to that I would see the bright side of things


Thanks you :blush: