Hacker or Badmin



Can you guys tell me that what other people can walk through iron doors, taking people’s portals, can destruct people’s build and locate people’s structures in a blink but not admins or owner?

If it was a badmin, say 1
If it was a hacker, say 2
If it was non of the above, say 3 and tell us who would it be?


It can only be an hacker








Most answer is hacker. 0.0


Well I mean that’s really the only option…


I didn’t think hackers could remove portals or destroy blocks in protected areas any longer. Or have admin vision. But I could be wrong.


Once I had a person join my server and go through a iron trap door and remove my chest right after they joined.


They can jemni ive seen alot


3 - script kiddie


Yeah, script kiddie. There are very few actual hackers playing the game. Just people using their work.


This must be a double script.


What does that mean?


I mean a double script, he may use self-admin and map locate.


Okay, thanks. That’s not a term I know at all. Cheat code generally does more than one thing, without specifying how many in the term referring to it.