Hacker or Glitch?


I recently played on a sever called Craft Forest and saw a hacker, or it was a glitch…

The player was meditating and sleeping in the air

Can anyone tell me whether this was a glitch or hacker

The blockheads just flew up in the air using a jetpack and slept. No other blockhead removed a block under it


maybe there’s invincible blocks?


Unless it’s a glitch I don’t know about, it’s a hacker. Hackers can have the ability to sleep or meditate in the air.


The admin could’ve placed a block under where they were sleeping, then they removed it with another blockhead.


but we’ll never know for sure…
Yeah right @Jenson87 , please sensor his name btw…


This is typical if you sleep or meditate on a block and then you break the block underneath the player while they are still sleeping or meditating. It’s normal.


If THIS happened, then it’s a hacker trick.


To the best of my knowledge, a SLEEPING blockhead will awaken if the block under it is removed. Right?


I don’t think so.


yeah @serendipity . I think it only works, if you are meditating.

Sorry, didn’t read the “flew up in the air using a jetpack and slept. No other blockhead removed a block under it.” sentence. Hacker then.


Possibly hacking.


What actions should I take then ?


Well he’s an admin…And I don’t think it’s a good idea to discuss publicly


It is a glitch, if someone breaks a block under you while you have a jetpack and you are sleeping or meditating, you will levitate.

EDIT: Didn’t read the message, the game could’ve glitched and thought he was still on a block and made him automatically sleep.


Not likely.


Glitch or hack?

  • Glitch
  • Hack

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According to my experience of the game…
i could be both it might be a hack or it might be a bug
How it is a hack?
~The person who is sleeping and meditating in air might have used the hack to sleep or med in air.
How it is not a hack?
~There might be invisible blocks underneath
~ There is a possibility when the person was sleeping any other player might have removed the block.
~The person might have placed wooden blocks underneath and burned them before it was fully burned the person might have slept on them.(I think it works only for meditation)

If the person is constantly sleeping and meditating in air he/she is a hacker or there is a chance there might be invisible blocks underneath if the person has fallen down after the sleep is done, the person is not a hacker.


If a blockhead is sleeping on a block that is removed it will automatically wake and fall. I have seen it many times with people messing around with sleeping Blockheads.


Even if there is Invisible blocks I still considered it as a hack as Invisible blocks can only be obtain by hacks.

@Shariu yeah common troll xD