Hacker Problems


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Thats my friend server. @milla if you read this please recover this locked and backup the server


The owner of the world should contact milla privately either here on the forums or by emailing support. The support email can be found in-game at the helps/credits page.


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You should contact milla about that.




Wumbo, keep in mind that they may be another person. Don’t just assume by picture.


Please follow the forums rules of no naming and shaming.

If you experience issues with players griefing/destroying worlds, PM milla with the evidence including screenshots, world name, owner name, date/time and IGN of the offending player, etc.

If you are the owner of the world you may request a rollback of the server to a state prior to the damage done by the griefer.


The world owner knows how to contact me, and will have emailed support. I’m getting to the emails next. Nobody but the owner can request help for this, so really, it’s best to let the owner do their thing.


This is why @milla after join someone said you begin to rollback/backup
I hope sure this way can help
And hope sure can update new patch about hacker ir add anti-hacker plugin

I Reply the mail there is an problem about the owner. After server created, there are 3 problems ex:
Rude Admins
Abusing Power (admins/mods)

She said to all hacker with deal
Respect all players even admin and mod but that hacker didnt care
She thought that hacker can teach her how to hack
She have a Karma aftermath
They didnt teach her
Plus the server absolutly collaped

Thank you


I’d suggest to find a new world to play on. Worlds that have owners who don’t carefully select their staff members usually don’t last long. The multiplayer category here on the forums has a great selection of worlds to play on.


as Uni stated above, it is best to start lookin for a new server to play on. it probably sucks to start over in a whole new world, but that’s better than stayin in a server that gets destroyed consistently.

unfortunately, that is up to the owner to handle that problem. if you cannot trust a person, do not admin them, let alone mod.


Thats why. Owner is very young to handle with these hackers and rude player. I dont know how to handle with that
Ps: that world is setup private/password as currently but I can handle with these with other admins abusing powers


in my personal opinion, if the owner is too young to handle a server, then they should not be ownin one in the first place. that’s just my opinion, tho.

if a player is causin you a little trouble or breakin your server rules, you can always do /ban player_name