Hackers als friends

So I have did one hacker friend and he made a lot of servers so a question will he get banned bc he made most of them for his friends pls let me know

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Lol maybe if u don’t tell username? XD

If MajicDave happens to notice that one user is creating a TON of servers, and he isn’t getting invoiced for it (I can’t even fathom how that’s possible, as cloud servers aren’t paid for by TCs anymore), I’m sure he’ll look into it.


I sure hope so. No matter the reason, this is only going to increase cost and increase the chances of this game closing.

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To put things into perspective and remain brief, if you cut off a hydra’s head, two more will grow back in its place.

with the game, its (unfortunately) possible for people to get unlimited TC and free world credit using piracy, and it could be a big problem soon

speaking of the username does his username make you uncomfortable at all? it seems similar to someone stealing a wallet in plain view of a thousand people…

jokes aside: in short, anything time crystal or credit related will result in some sort of punishment should administration become aware, it is up to you if you own a server if you are okay with hackers providing non-malicious content that is unrelated to the latter


HAHhahahahahahaha I am not gonna say username since a friend warned him so I just hope he won’t get banned

Your friend is shortening the life of the game. Every world he creates without paying is a nail in the coffin of Blockheads, because it costs Dave money to provide worlds. I they want to keep playing they should stop stealing from Dave. I will ban permanently, if I find them, and I’ll do with a laugh and a small moment of joy, because they will also do me out of a job if they keep going.

Edit: By the way, I removed your age from your profile, since you are not permitted to share that information here.


damn you got a bit’a gangsta in ya don’t ya girl? just a joke

but yeah @MURDERER you need to keep in mind Dave is hosting all LIVING servers with his money, which means the more servers that are created without the money the more he pays without getting money back to contribute to his job

keep in mind the servers cost, what, $2.99 a month? imagine one person hosting individual servers for however much money he does for ALL THAT ARE ACTIVE OR HAVE CREDIT, that’s insane! i can’t imagine he’s rich, at least for american standards, so if you prefer the game stay in business i recommend you play fair, or you don’t play at all

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It isn’t like Dave didn’t make a free Mac server, so you can host as many “always on” servers you want, on your own dime.

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some people don’t have the time or knowledge to do this, and it also takes three main things out that can be important for some people:

  1. The public/searchable option
  2. The ability for the owner role to exist officially
  3. The option to get full support from team staff

there can be others, but those are the main ones i can imagine, so not everybody can do this on their own

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But since you can no longer use TC for world credit, wouldn’t this problem be solved?

No because they can just make infinite portals,portal chests, trade portals, gem pics .etc

Oh ok.

Yeah, but that doesn’t damage our business like cheating us out of world credit income, because it doesn’t cost us anything to provide TCs.