Hackers are SO ANNOYING


So on blockhead I see hackers that kill you wolrd and I hate them I wish thay can go but not the good hacker the people who hack and delete you stuff in you wolrd is so annoying and I remember form a lone time ago one of my wolrd was hack and thay delete my stuff I just blockhead can ban hackers off the game it bad if you not a stuff member on a sever and you see a bad hacker you can.t do nothing to save the sever


Hackers are in fact really annoying, but there are a few things you can do about them. :wink:
If you‘re the owner of the server, you can ask Milla for a rollback and your progress from the last time your server data had been saved can be restored :slight_smile:
You could also report the names / IPs of the hackers to Milla, she‘s able to cloudban them.


Ik but I also wish if you not a admin or mod you can still help the sever get the hacker off sometime I see a hacker and I not a admin or mod and all I can do is watch it I wish hackers are BAN for blockhead


What do you mean you can’t save the server if the hacker is banned?


@WumboJumbo I wish hackers are ban of blockhead sometime I see a hacker on a sever that I not a mod or admin so I can.t ban them and hackers are annoying POOP


Griefers are annoying. A hacker made this game. We have a fabulous hacker in our testing team. We don’t mind hackers. We don’t like people who abuse the work of hackers to spoil the fun of others. They are called Griefers. We ban them, but the game has a problematic ban system, so they come back. The good news is that unless you are mad enough to give them your owner’s portal credentials they can’t do any permanent harm.


It’s always been my recommendation that people play on servers that are managed by a good owner who takes the time to recruit good staff and will roll back a server that’s griefed badly enough. On these servers, the damage is temporary.

There is one solution that can REALLY avoid hackers…use a whitelist. But that limits who can join. In the old days, people sought out these whitelisted servers because they were the ones where you felt safe and your builds were more protected from griefers. That time may be coming again.


unfortunately that’s gonna be a “go-to” solution from now on. keepin a server unwhitelisted with no staff on seems almost risky, even when you have a trustable staff team.


Yeah. But the riskiest plan is to play on a server where the owner isn’t active and can’t fix the problems with a rollback. To me that’s a waste of time playing there.


I personally almost never go to these types of servers. I don’t think everyone is going to go this route.


Yea thats something very risky especially with the amount of problems going around now. If the owner isn’t around its much harder to fix things but even if you can’t roll it back you just got to do it by hand. Thats if you even can get on the server.