Hackers hackers every where?!

This is a serious issue I would like to talk about. Since starting my new server I have been barraged with a constant onslaught of hackers. Previously I may get a hacker once a month or so but honestly these days I am lucky enough to be visited 3-5 times a day!

These are the main ways they troll my server:
-changing signs to very inappropriate sexual tones
-killing my trolls :frowning:
-taking away steps
-taking paintings

Obviously this is not conclusive but in my opinion I have seen a rise in hackers since the update. May it be that simply more players have decided to join the hacking community? Or may it be that somehow there are more holes for them to get into? I’m not sure. I am keeping an eye on my hacker damage and am seeing a correlation in their hacking seems to be limited.

I am wondering if perhaps advertising my server on the forums and the cloud server list could be effecting us.
Of course I have asked my regular players to report such people and to send a message to our discord in order to get a promt notification but it is very frustrating to be paying for blockheads servers that are becoming more of a maintenance chore than of actually having fun and playing.

Other owners/players please let me know if you have seen a rise and what sort of trolling you have experienced. If for some reason it could possibly be a developer issue because of the code clearance in the update I wonder if it could be addressed asap. I suddenly feel alot more vulnerable as a owner.


Maybe they’re angry?


They can also now can hack some admin commands like the command can remove glitched blocks and untouchable stuffs!


Here are some questions you need to answer:

  1. What did the hackers do to be able to do the things that you listed?
  2. Does IP banning help solve the problem?

One word: whitelist only forum members


I wouldn’t necessarily whitelist only forum players, but if you have a lot of regular players, build a list of all of them and move to a whitelist. Your hacker problems will be gone. But you won’t get random new players any more.

Another solution: use a whitelist when you are offline, but make it public when you are there, and add new players that seem legit. This takes more console/list management effort but can help keep fresh players coming in.You could also try a password instead of a whitelist, but spreading the word to your regulars without a hacker getting it might be difficult.


IP banning doesn’t help, everyone can unban by VPN and something to change their device’s MacAdress

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It’s sad that we can’t do anything about hackers.

That’s why I hate VPNs. R.I.P IP Ban.

Hackers might even hack through whitelist.

Well, if it is, report the hackers to milla and then they’ll cloud ban them.

And if the hackers hack through cloud ban, milla could use their data to call the police on them.

This is basically ‘If there’s a bully, tell a teacher, because there’s no point trying to stand up to a bully thinking you’re physically stronger than them when in reality they are physically stronger than you.’


thats 4 words

Knew someone would say it.

If it’s one sentence, then one word would have been changed.

If you are interested in getting a copy of my blacklist, PM me. It is over 6000 names, devices and IP’s long, many of them are hackers, cheaters, perverts, and major rule breakers. Just be aware that there may be people on the list whom you wouldn’t really want banned, but such people can always PM you to ask to be unbanned.

We still get troublemakers from time to time, but way less than new servers. I’d say maybe one every few days. Adding another hacker to my blacklist is super satisfying. (Quoting that chick with the purple hair from the War Dragons ad😂)


Becoming more powerful is super satisfying



Exactly! The way she says that is mesmerizing! (Must be the purple hair) :thinking:


Can I feed someone to your blacklist in a PM?

Lol, you want to add someone to my blacklist?
Yeah that’s fine, as long as I know what the offense was. Even better if you give me a screen shot.


On Blockheads? Wow…


I was interested in if other owners had seen a rise in hackers recently ?
And I am not a huge fan of whitelisting or password protect at the moment. As we are quite a new server we are still building our loyalty base at the moment. I think obviously should this issue persist I may have to consider it. But at the moment meeting new postive players does out weigh the negative ones.

yes, I’ve actually seen the numbers rise like crazy. Sadly, I even have rivalries with some of them.

I want the numbers now.