Hackers still exist in 1.7!


The other day I was playing on my server when a hacker appeared.
He started to destroy blocks and kill players,then he bought 99999999 blocks at the trade portal🙁.
Anyone have any advice on what to do? :frowning::cry:


If there are any hacked blocks, use /repair to remove them.
With the litter I would just recommend getting help to remove it. I’ll help if you like.
Try and rebuild the blocks he destroyed, but if it’s too bad PM milla for a rollback. You won’t be able to PM yet, but browse around a bit until your new user restrictions are lifted.
Make sure to ban him and also ban his IP.


Thanks so much!
I will try it out!
/repair wont remove the hacked workbenches!!!
I think the hacker is on jailbreak because I can’t ban him.
i mean i can’t ban him!


Which server is this on?


Jailbreak, maybe?


If banning the name and IP doesn’t work. Whitelist your server.


You can report them too
Dave probably could track them down and ban them


prison escape by pineaple2017
its out of credit

p.s:its out of credit because the hacker stole some.


how do you contact majic.dave?


Please remove that name. Naming and shaming is not allowed here. That means saying someone’s IGN and saying something bad about it.
“JUICEKID was Hacking” :x: This is naming and shaming.
“JUICEKID helped me with my server”/ “JUICEKID, what’s your server called” :white_check_mark: Not naming and shaming.


Nah, you can just PM milla how to click this link then read it :slight_smile: Contacting Me because probably Dave can’t response you immediately doing his coding in new next of his game. Ambience or World of Ages!


Do you mean VPN?


You can ban hacker using his name or IP But as my experience hacker can unban him/her self.


They don’t have to hack. They can use a VPN.


All a VPN can do is change your IP, so it would only get around an IP ban.


Well I do have experience with alot of hackers/trollers buying alot of baskets and it’s a REAL PAIN getting rid of them.
BUT don’t worry meditating for a while will make the items disappear after a while (this should work with any item. But not claimed items such as safes or Chandiliers)

And I am happy to buy you more credit.

If this works your welcome!


thanks @Kalyb_W ! the server is called bloky prison by pineaple2017. if you add ill be sure to admin/mod you!