Hackers think

So are only some people allowed to hack and cheat the game??

No people aren’t supposed to at all but they do


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No one is “allowed” or have the exception to “hack” on this game. They just won’t get in trouble as long as that person uses those cheats for their own personal use and doesn’t wreak havoc and break rules on servers.


I would have to disagree with you, the owners of the game allow their freedom of speech but no one else’s. This game is corrupt.

If a world forbids it, then nobody may use cheats on that world.

If a world permits their use then they may be used on that world, within any limits set in the world rules.

Nobody may spoil the enjoyment of another player by bullying, threat, cheats, or vandalism.

We do not forbid the use of cheats, so long as they don’t cause us problems. Problems like loss of revenue, players, or data through use of cheats are absolutely forbidden. We reserve the right to remove players and data for any reason.

We are neither corrupt, nor answerable to individual player for our policies.


Those players in the image are not correct.


I believe that hackers are bad, but not all of them. Some hackers assist when you are having trouble figuring out something, like how to start your server. I do agree with Milla. If it is in the world rule limits, it is permitted. As long as the hacker uses it to help out/uses it for themselves, it should be okay. This game is not corrupt, only the players are.

And not all players are, either.


I agree