Happy (belated) Mother's Day


Oops. Forgot to post this yesterday.

Happy Mother’s Days to our entire Blockheads Community!!
Mom’s Rock… and limestone… and marble (a little blockheads humor). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @Thuthu, that is beautiful :heart:


Happy Mother’s Day to you all! Different for me, though. We had it on 11 March.


Wow 3018 I missed the 1000 years it’s a wonderful picture what you posted Happy belated mothers day too for our community!


It says 2018 not 3018. You didn’t miss 1000 years… you just missed being able to read this font well.


Ohh, Yes when I zoom in I saw the 2 sorry my eye getting blurred from some pictures. I should always wear my glasses or else I’ll always think of the picture was wrong.

Edit: I also have to :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Mother’s Day, @djfamily! I love you, and I’m proud that you’re my mère. :smile: :bouquet:


Happy mother’s day, Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders! (And others I may have missed :confused:)


What did you use to make that picture?


The Thu App


Photoshop w/ The Thu App 3.0 Extension. :wink:




Search it up on the Thu App Store. :slight_smile:


On the ThuPhone, exclusively to, ah, her ThuPets. Of course, you’d need a ThuWatch to accompany that, and then subscribe to the ThuNet ISP, which only works on homes that are mortgaged by ThuMortgage, which of course is only available to those who live in ThuLand. Ah, dangit, The ThuFranchise has become apple!


They’re both rainbow.


I also wish my ALT account a happy mother’s day. Hah jk I don’t have one :slight_smile: :face_with_thermometer:


Yes they are both rainbow. The mother is just blushing.


I really liked the pearl necklace :laughing: Idk why, maybe it’s motherly or something? No idea :stuck_out_tongue: