Happy Forum Birthday! :D

:smiley: today is the forum’s birthday! =D
I had been waiting this for 2 months now, as it is the forum’s birthday, I made a small ‘thingy’ for all of us, this is a ‘giant’ (11351 pixels by 6501 pixels) drawing, you can download it as a wallpaper here:
download link

the image below is a third of the actual size:

Happy forum birthday everyone! :slight_smile:

ps. a little challenge try to find yourself, if you’re not in the picture you can ask me to draw a character for you :slight_smile:

edit: oh yeah, I forgot to say that the image might be, cough, big, the size of the download for the image is 65 MB :stuck_out_tongue:

edit2: I’m sorry milla

edit3: How do you remove atatched images? I edited the photo =P

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Could you add me in as a bearded guy facepalming?

Skye looks great XD
Ooh, I like me :slight_smile:
Happy one year older, TBH! Tonnes of memories w/ you! Up rep, Fox!

I found me! Nice job!

I look great! Thanks! Up rep for you :smiley:

No me :frowning:
Explodes the computer and never went on the forums again


I love it TheFox XD

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Well happy forum Birthday everyone!!! :smiley: How old is the forum turning? 2? (I think so)

EDIT: Won’t let me see the pic :frowning: Am I on there?

This is because Fox worked on it and finished it before you joined. I don’t think he can predict the future, so this is why you weren’t in it-He didn’t know you at the time.

ikr. It’s okay, just kidding. Fixes little dent in comp
Perfetly fine.

^-^ Nice to know :slight_smile:
(Computer explodes because one wire is out of place)
(Burger) It’s NOT fine. -_-

Tbis is great! Good job Fox! :smiley:

Yeah lol. Invented a time machine and travelled back in time. That’s what happened. (There’s a time mach in my sp world)

AHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT, but why am I running away? xD

LOL im the guy with the pickaxe

bonus thing. im in the page with milla,cassia,flo,dave,buddy,a-z star,skeeve,bucket,olly

I’ll say it, that was the first page to be drawn :stuck_out_tongue:

no reason actually xDD just wanted to draw you like that xDDD

Pineapple looks like she’s giving me the evils xD

true lol xDDDDD

ps. just soI know did anyone actually use the download? :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, the one in the forums is a third of the original :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I’m thinking of paiting the characters, what do you guys think?

Ooh yes please! :smiley:

For mine:

Um, what am I supposed to be?

But Alexandra loves hers!