I joined and played on this server, someone broke the rules I reported them, the owner was rude to me and banned me. They were harassing me on the Discord and they continued to harass me throughout the game. The server name is [redacted - milla]! I got banned off the world because I stood up for myself. Why help somebody out if you’re just going to ban them at the end. I don’t understand this game anymore. What has happened?? I have image files but it won’t let me post them!

Nothing has happened.
You just need to join some good servers
I suggest September isles and Toronto!

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So the original post says something happened to blockheads, and Codeoffun said nothing happened. I agree that something happened. Most people think that since Dave is focusing on his other game that they can get away with anything, but they can’t. I don’t really play anymore because of the people that are rude. But other than the rude people it’s a good game. Try going on the servers listed in what was said above, people like the servers and the people there seem nice. Also you said they are being rude on discord I suggest reporting the people who are harassing you and report the server

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We don’t name and shame here, so I have edited your post.

Owners may remove people from their own worlds without justifying it. This isn’t new. Nothing has happened or changed. You just hit one of the freakishly bad worlds that pop up here and there. The optimal solution is not to join said world again.

Anything done outside our own channels, such as the game and the forums, is completely outside my control. Users of chat programmes, such as Discord, use it and join servers at their own risk. These players should be reported in Discord. This is not the place to raise it.

If you’re a world owner this is a rubbish way to deal with a player you don’t want on your world. Better to ban them and leave it at that. If I receive properly framed reports (private with all details of players concerned, and worlds or official channels it happened on) I will step in and may take punitive action against you.

If I see public posts about this kind of thing I will edit them, and may take punitive action if you should know better. New users get cut some slack.

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discord has always been a tricky field to moderate for owners or admins of servers looking at dms of other people, because a little bit of inspect element would do some harm and anyone with 60 IQ could do it

the reason why those message links exist? if you ever had to report someone to discord (the most likely option if this severe) you’d have to get message links or they’re gonna say ‘we can’t use screenshots because… this’

keep in mind if there are messages deleted, they can’t use those, but if you gave them just one they’d be focused directly into said chat, and proper evidence would be applied