Has Anyone Seen This Before?

It says they were seen possibly a LONG LONG time ago or a LONG LONG time forward…



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What do you mean @SHAHMMM? Like they have a random date if they were active in the new ones, but the THIS current one?

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This is strange… Hm.

Yeah, I’ve seen this before,
Probably a mistake.

They couldn’t been seen in the past because the Internet didn’t exist I believe, but if they were seen in the future then…GASP! THEY ARE FROM THE FUTURE! I WONDER HOW BLOCKHEADS IS LIKE IN THE FUTURE! 2.7?? WHAT WILL IT BE??

We need to buy a DeLorean NOW!


This isn’t Back To The Future…

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You’re my density.

Oh wow! :joy:

I’m pretty sure this game or forums was not a thing at 1969

Could it be a number of months? That would mean that it said December 31, 5 years and 9 months

Like @SHAHMMM said, it’s a glitch stemming from the fact that they haven’t come online since the forums got refreshed. I’ve seen a few people like that :laughing: I wonder if the internet even existed back then??

The why:

Epoch time is how most programs handle time, including Discourse. Epoch time began on January 1st 1970 at 00:00:00 GMT.

Depending on your time zone, epoch time 0 could be the day before.

When I post this, it is roughly (give or take a few seconds) 1493497020 in epoch time. With each second, that number goes up by 1.


Wow, it’s good to know that the forums are still alive…52 years in the future. :laughing:

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Well, technically the internet was alive at that time. The internet was created in 1969.

But it was four college computers connected to each-other in california transferring data at 8 bytes a second.

AKA 6 hours to load a picture.

:no_mouth: :no_mouth: :smirk:

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So wait, I’m confused; before this whole new forum thing (that still confuses me) people who don’t come back will look like that?

Never seen it!

Oh, okay thanks! No wonder I had to re-set my password…