Has the game changed? Do you still like the Blockheads? and more, all in one thread of polls :)


I must be lost because I have never witness any of the major bugs or lag issues in my experience.




To get hopes risen again let me direct you to this post: :wink:Rise again!


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It seems the feels from a little bit after 1.7 came out are starting to get past just me and a few others

I’ll be brief,
I feel like there’s less creative effort on forums (shh, this isn’t offensive, at least i don’t mean it to be. Put down the riot sticks)
When I think about pre 1.7, and early 1.7, the days when stories, fanart, and incredible buildings were a common occurrence weekly, then look at the threads now, I realize those things just aren’t there anymore

I think TheFoil described the average player very well, as when I first joined forums, I wanted to be a big part of it and my love of the game grew, but now, as the game, like myself, has changed, my enjoyment has waned to the point where I have ideas, but not the enthusiasm to bring them to life


Totally relatable.


cough cough flat earth debate cough cough


Sounds like you would enjoy the right sort of custom server, maybe even a custom expert server like Skeeve’s Exile.

Before you say “oh, custom makes everything too easy!” That’s just the custom servers where they set the trade portals to free. The good custom servers don’t do that. Some of them disable trade portals altogether so that you really have to mine and collect every item that you need.


I can barely place blocks on my server without 5+ seconds of lag (and that’s on a good day! You should see our bad days).

Lag/bug fixes would be greatly appreciated.


I started playing back in 2013/2014 (before owner signs).

I went through a phase where I deleted all my games because I was way busy and stressed.

After returning to gaming, I played so many games, I stressed myself out again :joy:

Then, I went through an experimental phase, where I would try out a new game then decide whether or not to delete it.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Out of all the different types of things that I can do in a game that I like to do, blockheads has it.

Feel like farming? Play blockheads
Creative craving? Blockheads
Up for a challenge? Blockheads
Chatty Cathy? Blockheads
Painting a picture? Blockheads
Kill or be killed? Blockheads (PvP)
Taming and naming? Blockheads
Tulip breeding? Blockheads
Donky breeding? Blockheads
Dodo breeding? Blockheads
Build a city? Blockheads
Only five minutes to play? Blockheads
Watch vids to earn game currency? Blockheads

All that, and so many fun servers to do it on, that I don’t even have to pay for my own!


I can’t play singleplayer non-modded unless it is some sort of special map…
As for multiplayer I can play it fine without mods.

Yup, I agree…
The excitement and the community has died down a lot because of TC changes… since the people can’t afford servers anymore…

Feel like farming? IDK
Creative craving? Minecraft
Up for a challenge? Spiral Knights
Chatty Cathy? Minecraft
Painting a picture? Blockheads
Kill or be killed? Minecraft
Taming and naming? Blockheads
Build a city? Minecraft
Only five minutes to play? Minecraft
Watch vids to earn game currency? Blockheads
I removed the ones non-applicable to my other favorite games.


5 minutes later… woo! Minecraft finally loaded.


That’s relatable.


I tried Minecraft. The controls and view are too awkward for me, personally.


You can always change them, though, unless you’re talking about the touch controls.


Minecraft is awkward to play on mobile to be honest. Blockheads is a lot better


It’s sad to see my favorite game slowly dying. Most people liked the Free Tc and Hacking with exploits, and left because they couldn’t do what they liked the most. And I also feel the same. The Blockheads is a very simple game, to them: Expert mode is hell, Custom rules are boring, vanilla is only cool if you do it right and they really liked things such as exploits because it is fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want God mode? Flying without jetpacks? Having access to amazing blocks? I know I would. But Dave ruined their pride, Dave wants the game as it was intended to be. And I’m pretty sure that @MFS is working on another server. And I know that my friend is working on a big project in blockheads. I have been playing blockheads since little after it’s release and I don’t think I will be leaving the community before the year 2020. Before, when you searched for servers, you would find tons of full servers consisting of anime, roleplay, free tc, and other. No, that the server credit change has begun, all the 8-year-olds that owned servers had been yelled at by their strict parents, leading to their server being shut down. Thus downgrading all servers. Humans like what they can’t get. Let’s pretend that owning a brown donkey was a glitch, everyone will want a brown donkey. But brown donkeys are not a glitch, no one cares about them. Unknows is a great thing. They are rare and not many people had them, That’s what made them cool. A collectible item that few people owned. It’s like pokemon cards, and free TC was good (not to the economy) because imagine someone robbed a bank, and he gave you one million dollars? Only the poor and greedy people will accept. And Free TC was fun because everyone had a chance to be rich, everyone wants to be rich, but if everyone is rich? Then where is the fun in that? People don’t want to work their butt off to get a golden bed and diamond pickaxes. People want to get them in their own free will without working. And most blockheads players are kids, kids want everything, they don’t like to work. The 1.7 update enforced everyone to work, thus leading to a lower population. To be completely honest, I believe the 1.7 updates hype was only because there hasn’t been an update in a while. And the reason people liked the new features is that they were new, and not because of the mechanics. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Free TC.

Do you believe that the blockhead’s community will survive in the next 5 years?

  • It will survive
  • It will survive, but won’t grow
  • It will slowly decrease
  • It will die

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1.8 be like

Paid access to private servers